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Day 7 ahoy

Hi guys,

So been lurking on the forum for week and finally posted for the first time today -so hello to all!:p

I am on Day 7- woo hoo!

Being honest- Day 4 and 5 were not good- I was a complete mess. In fact on day 5 I actually sat in the smoking area of a coffee shop and had a little cry whilst I drank a large coffee and ate a tin of altoid mints instead of smoking. Good test of willpower but not sure what I actually achieved! Anywho, after suprising myself in not getting fired at work (I did absolutley nothing except look out the window and browse this forum- no concentration whatsover!) I am actually getting into the swing of not going down to the smoking area every hour and I am feeling healthy. The worst time for me is the evening and getting home from work so I have been baking, cleaning and generally becoming a domestic goddess since extinguishing that final cig.

Im so proud of the fact that I have gone a week- i didnt think I would or could...Im still adjusting and although I wish the cravings were gone -they are not but I am just ignoring them and getting on with things- it seems to be getting easier to do that.

I feel so free and happy not have to depend on the little suckers anymore.:D

Apologies for the rant!

(Smoked 20 a day for 13 years- Quit 15/10/12 and using the inhaltor on and off)

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Congratulations for your i week and 1st post.

joing you on week 1 this wednesday(not that im counting).

have a good day be strong



Well done Werthers and nice to meet you :)

I didn't want to post at first as I was "afraid" of being judged.

It was a worry whilst I was feeling fragile but everyone is so supportive and friendly.

Chuffed for you hitting day 7

Long may it continue.

Speak soon

Take care




Well done and welcome to the forum!

Sounds like your doing fabulously so far and great in overcoming those first few days, your now out of hell week and should start to notice some positives re smell/taste etc.

When you need to, please rant on here, its ace and is whats got quite a few people over the tricky times. :D



Thanks guys- really appreciate the replies and agree that this forum has been such a help in getting through the first week!:)


Welcome Werthers.

Great name. Werthers chewy toffees were a mainstay of my quit in the early days! Don't like to think what they contributed to my weight gain, but hey ho.

A week is fab. You should be really proud.

Helen x


Well done on your first week Werthers. You can rant all you like on here we've all been there. Concentration can be a bit of a problem in the beginning but it soon goes away. Things do get better:)


Made my way through many packs of them by now- im on the butter crunch ones though- may have to try the toffee ones! Thank goodness the concentration is starting to get back to normal:)



Well done, a good start by quitting a whole week. Hope this is the one for you!

Fi x


Welcome Werther and congrats on the quit, you have come to the right place. Lots of advice and support to be had on here, just shout if you need anything:)


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