Is there any room left on the bench

For a little one. :D

Halfway through my stopober challenge.

No real desire to smoke at the moment so this is probably the new non smoking me emerging. Well I have been a non smoker for longer than I have been a smoker, in my whole life time. I have lived my life smoke free and survived before and I can do it again.

How is everyone else today?

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  • Corse there is... well done!

  • ill budge up

    Get the kettle on then fore and i'll budge up :)

    Well done on getting this far! got to have broke its back by now havent we?


  • Kettle is on, fancy a nice hot choc (goes to cupboard for the jammy dodgers that have been hidden from kids). Need it after some batty old bloke in Argos accosted me over some driving error I was supposed to have done relating to a bus. Bearing in mind I've been nowhere near a bloody bus all day. :D

    Hopefully we've broken the back of the initial cravings, dealing with life. I'm dreading the first major crisis in my life as a non smoker.

  • Whoop Whoop

    Hay Fore :D I replaced ya mug that a certain male member dropped - mentioning no names lmao

    Well done and that batty old bloke in Argos was probably in the middle of a bit of male PMT dont worry about him lol ....sorry guys it does happen haha

    Keep going Gurl :D

  • Cheers me dears. How are you short?

    Rightio, chocolate for me whats everyone else having?

    Thinking about it wondering if PMT bloke will turn up on here, he's probably having a bit of stoptober rage.:D

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