No Smoking Day
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Room for a little one?

I did it.

A whole year since I've smoked. It's so long since I've put one of those silly little sticks in my mouth and set fire to it that I've completely forgotten why I used to think it was such a good thing to do.

I can honestly say that I never even think about smoking these days, not even as a fleeting memory. I certainly don't miss it and I haven't had a crave as such for months and months. I can sit in the company of smokers and not give it a thought (until later when I'm peeved that my clothes smell), and I've been in some quite drunken situations and not once has it affected my resolve. I'm fitter, cleaner, happier and have loads more money than ever before. And confindence! Wow! It's amazing how often I used to avoid speaking to people because I was embarrassed that I smelled of smoke. No such problem now - I'm a proper gobshite :D

I've been in some pretty stressful situations too, over the year, and haven't reached for a packet (although came pretty close once). It can be done - who'da thunk it?

I don't only feel like an ex-smoker, I feel like a non-smoker and that's pretty cool.

A year. Gosh :)

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Skippy, that's bloody f%^cking marvelous and I am pleased for you and very jealous!

Congratulations on your one year; a round of champagne all round.



Brilliant, I hope you gave yourself a nice pressie from your savings. Enjoy your special day you deserve it.



Really, really well done Skippy. Longing to get there mmyslef but a long way to go yet!

*in Australian accent* What you trying to tell us Skippy (unless you watched the programme that won't even be remotely funny :rolleyes::D).

No but I did, and it is Karri LOL!!:D


Thanks :)

Will make an effort to remember to come back to this site to encourage others. It was looking wistfully at the 1 Year+ section that really spurred me on each time I visited this forum. Was totally determined to get here.


thats amazing, well done, I focussed on my 6 month goal but will have to be super strong to get to a year, I hope I make it. Super well done to you


Congrats, Skippy! Welcome to the Penthouse :)

Reply skippy and welcome to the Penthouse and heres the bubbly all ready for you.



Hi Skippy

Sorry my reply is late but i just saw this and had to add in my congrats as getting to the full first year is just so totally


Big well done to you and here's to the next year :)


No such problem now - I'm a proper gobshite :D

That made me laughs lots.

Congratulations, thats fantastic news.

I can't wait to be where you are but it seems soooo far away. :rolleyes:


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