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Three years! Blimey!

It's been THREE YEARS TODAY since I last smoked! :D

How blimmin' great is that?!

And I can honestly, hand-on-heart say, I don't miss it! I never think about smoking any more (apart from the odd dream!), I don't get cravings any more or wish I still smoked!

It was definitely worth it - with the money I've saved I have finally learned to drive at the grand old age of 34 - and with the fitness and healthiness I've gained I have ran a half marathon! So quitting has definitely improved my life for the better! :cool:

Work is easier - I don't get stressed about or plan my day around my next fag break any more, it's like being finally free.

Even hangovers are better than they used to be, no more furry tongue the morning after the night before! (On that note, is it too early for a gin and tonic to celebrate? :p )

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That is a great post to be reading and its never too early for a G&T :p

you deserve to celebrate

get in there




Three years! Blimmin' fantastic indeed!

I remember reading posts like this at the beginning of my quit and thinking that long term quitters were just fantastically strong people, and altogether better than me. I genuinely thought that I would always secretly have the desire to smoke, and that something would doubtless tip me over the edge at some point.

But it's true! Keep going for long enough and everything changes, inside and out.

Wonderful news, MCW, congratulations :D



Hi, I remember our early days when it seemed we'd never all get to this stage. But we did. Well done you, great post, great news, great achievement. Have a very large G&T.



Aww well done Madcatwoman.

If only I'd stayed quit with you guys. I was one of the de novos and quit a month after you lot, I obviously wasn't successful. However, I've managed to do it in 2011 and I'm just coming up to celebrate giving up for a year myself. Huge congrats...three years is a brilliant milestone and your post encourages me that through the years...the urge to smoke lessens even more and more. Well done on the half marathon BTW.

Lisa x


Brilliant!!! well done MCW. Lots of water under the bridge but no ash piled in the ash tray. here's to year 4!!!

Keep on keeping on

Jack x


3 years, crikey on a bikey, that is amazing.

ive only for 35 months to go and ill be saying that!!




Congrats MCW!!!!

I remember some of your earlier quit, on one of my earlier quits, your an inspiration, well done on 3 years! Proud of you! xxxxx


WooHoo MCW :D

When did you go all posh with the G&Ts then :p

Blimmin' well done you crazy cat running woman.

A little choon to mark your 3 years of smoke freedom


Pol xx


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