Mid week

Well, what can I say all is calm on the coxy front and as I enter the mid week point its such a nice feeling knowing im about to enter week 8, WEEK 8 i am on the verge of beating my last attempt of 8 weeks.

I have no intention of smoking so i have beat it already in the sense.

Slight cravings but nothing major, to be honest I think this is something I am going to have to live with and just get used to.

its great to hear how well everyone is doing, and I am always here for you to boast to or to rant to or a huge shoulder for you to cry on :D

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  • 8 weeks!!!!! it's amazing derek, you should be extra proud and i for one am delighted for you. keep on going !


  • Well done D!!!

    Your doin' smashingly!

    Superproud of my fellow Olympian.

    Yeaaah baby! :D

  • Derek

    So chuffed for you, 8 weeks is amazing, be proud, very proud!

    Fi x

  • :D



    Im so happy to read this post you are doing soo well :)

    keep on doing what your doing and it wont be long before your reaching another target


    Carol x

  • excellent mate, well done.:D

  • Well done Derek, WTG :D

  • Hi Derek

    I've just completed 8 weeks too but like you I still get the odd 'craving' every now and again - hopefully one of these days they will disappear for good because I'm not going to give in to them either.

    Pleased to hear all is well with you.

    Linda x

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