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Can't believe it. 3 weeks approaching!

Well i'm not exactly active on the forum - but nearly 3 weeks ago I posted day 1. Went to the football that evening, and caved in straight away.

I tried the next day though, and since then haven't looked back! Since then been on a beer holiday to Munich, meeting smoker friends for drinks and i've still done it - cold turkey.

Going 3 weeks without in those situations, I just can't see why I would start again now! (although not getting ahead of myself). Cravings are minimal and when I do get them, I find them straightforward to get rid of!

Found the first day really tough, the second day pretty tough and day 3 fairly tough but since them 3 the cravings have been small and the habit has slowly died.

Can't believe it!

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Way to go man... 3 weeks is great!! Dont give in ever...


Hey Jd, huuuuuuuuuge congratulations to you! 3 weeks is a heck of an achievement. Yes, going back is not an option for me neither.

I dont need a cig to do anything and i suspect neither do you! :)


Fantastic.......its no option for me either.

Well done going cold turkey :D


thanks for the comments guys! It's now nearly 4 weeks and still the same. Been in more touch situations (at a working man's club with the side of my family which smoke the most, been to another football match) and still feel fine.

I'd advise cold turkey to anybody now!


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