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Day 10

Felt a bit wobbly this morning and thank god my Partner didn't leave any cigarettes in the house this morning!!! Thought it would be easier for me now. In the past week 3 has always been a killer for me but I'm in week 2 and woke up feeling a bad craving for about an hour. I have since brushed my teeth AGAIN and logged onto reading some posts on here. This forum is really helping me get through the tough times. I really never thought a forum would ever help me but it has become my daily shot of strength/no smoking medicine. Thanks to everyone who is posting on here.

Think I have got my NOPE not one puff ever head on again. Probably log on later for my second shot of 3 times a day forum medicine.

Good luck to everyone today. hopefully one more day conquered!!

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Hay ey, seems you are p'ing off the ole demon, give it a slap and show it whos boss!! Keep going you are doing great :D



Thanks for that. Your doing great to. New week, new challenges. I feel different this time although hard I really believe we can all do it to prove that demon can't get the better of us!


Well done! It gets easier the longer you can stay quit as I am sure you know. I think all you Stoptober quitters are doing brilliantly! Pat yourselves on your back and NOPE!


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