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Last post in the 2 month section!

Lulu_652 Years Smoke Free

Thought I'd make one last post in this part of the forum before I earn the right to post in the 3 months room tomorrow night.

8 weeks! So pleased to have made it this far. I feel much more in control of my quit. Earlier, it felt like I was on a roller coaster and helplessly riding the waves of each craving as they washed over me. Now I still have the cravings but I'm much more adept at tackling them head on; sometimes the cravings I do get are very powerful but I now am able to recognise what triggered them and have developed a broad understanding of the nature of my psychological addiction... I've got the measure of 'him', and he's still there, still a threat but I know that he's getting weaker and has much less potential to overcome me.


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Off you go Lauren. Go on. Scoot! Get ye into the 3 month section where you belong. Well done. So pleased for you :)

Congrats Lauren so proud of you getting to 3 months :-)

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