No Smoking Day
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A little tip

Ok.. this is day one for me (4th time attempt tho)

I sail past the 1st 2 weeks by changing my routine, instead of getting up.. kettle, fag, coffee, shower chase up my son for school...

I get up, kettle on, shower, chase up my son, change my whole routine from start to finish... even at work, when the others go outside for a smoke..I go to the shop for a bottle of water, bits for tea etc...and I take the Mint niquitin CQ lozengers start on the 4mg and reduce them it also gives my mouth something to do other than reach for the crisps and chocolate lol

HOWEVER...once the novelty and mass will power has faded... I really struggle so im the reverse to a lot of you.... any tips you can give me that you are doing NOW in your early stages where you are finding it a bit hard ...??

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hi there, i am on day 22 and i reckon i am through the craves. My tactic was to actively not change my routines (apart frm smoking obviously) and to face each rigger head on. No point in hiding away from it, better to accept it and deal with it was my approach.

good luck and take each minute at a time, dont look too far ahead. be kind to yourself.


Well done SS for starting your quit.

My crunch time has always been 3 months. Thinking about it was always enough for me to say 'Sod it, may as well smoke now' and I did. I had a friend, Penny, who died of lung cancer her favourite saying, and I hasten to add she really was a gentile but tough lady, was:

"if you stand with one foot in yesterday and the other in tomorrow, you'll piss all over today" and today is all we've got.

Don't waste your time thinking ahead to when you normally fail - that's a self fulfilling prophecy and your behaviour will adapt to ensure it's fulfilled, I'm talking as one who has spent way too much time doing exactly that. Just enjoy the day without smoking and marvle in it. You are worth it.



Hello,Iv been the same dozens of times before.Im on day 15 and it feels different this time because Im worried about my health,really worried and Im either going to stop or not!!Cant put it off ant longer,its now or never.Im saving £35 a wk and I dont want to suck black smoke back into my lungs just as they are starting to clear.It would mean all this has been for nothing.

You can do it,tell yourself its different this time.

I couldnt drink coffee though.:)


I saw it differently this time, like an illness that my body was recovering from, a longer hangover that would clear and sort itself out, it has been a lot easier this time.

Good luck chuck! x


Thanks everyone..That is my downfall... trying to look to far ahead...I need to take 1 day at a time

york.... what a fab statement!!! how true that is in every respect

We can all do this :D at least it doesnt feel you're doing it alone.. half of GB are doing it too lol


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