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No Smoking Day
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help needed!! are these symptoms??

Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone out there can help.me ASAP..I'm getting all worked up!

I've just completed day 8! Never done so well. So I'm happy but all of a sudden in last few hours I've felt strangely ill. I got a bad headache on right side of head . Still there at .3 am when ive woken up. Could very well be muscle in my back though. It feels like its tight all way down neck . I also started to feel bit sick and tingle ..the sort of feeling you get when anxious maybe.? I have no reason to feel like that. It early hours of morn I've just woken up and feel weird. Swear I had or have a slighy fever. Don't really ever feel it so not sure. I was shivery yet so boiling like a hot flush!! And my tummy making weord noises and twinging a bit. My muscles in my arms feel tight too like muscle ache. Maybe I'm.just sock maybe I just experiencing withdrawal I dunno.but I feel a lil scared!! Is this normal.? I hate to say this one as well but had really bad gas feeling too. And sneezing lots. Please....does anyone feel these symptoms. Should I worry. Could stopping have triggered some serious illness or is it just my body reacting to a new way of doing things.I smoked 11 years. Am 25 ! Please help :-(

Thank you x

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Hey Holly, Congrats on getting to day 8 & kicking Hell week into touch! The withdrawal symptoms can vary from person to person. I had some very bad nights sweating, werid dreams & suffered from acid reflux! I would advise, if in doubt, go & see your Doctor, explain about the quit & symptoms. BTW, what quit method are u using?


Hi Holly

Congrats and welcome.

We get all sorts of symptoms, and a sense of anxiety is certainly one of them. There is a section of the forum all about symptoms - go and have a read. I'm sure whatever you're experiencing, others already have, so use it for re-assurance.

However, if things persist and you're concerned, take yourself off to the GP.



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