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Has Just realised I'm on Day 23!!

OMG!! I just realised I'm on day 23!! How did that happen?? I don't even think about the white sticks anymore, I have been out for a few drinks but only a couple at a time & I have found my new drink.........PIMMS!! I used to drink lager which I associated with the white sticks & make me go :mad: but Pimms is just like a soft drink so feel fine! :D Does anybody know of a website about other addictions? I have now become addicted to Chocolate Brownies!!! :)

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Its great that your had forgot what day your on just goes to show how well your doing

you need to have chocolate in life

its part of a good balanced diet and should always there :p

see it says so in the pic ;)


Chocolate Brownies... I think I'll join you in that addiction yum yum :D

Carol - I think you have a wee stash of pics saved up for every possible occassion. I'm jealous :(:D



yep i do

most of them are of cats though :D

so hope you like them as i post afew every week on here

to feed not just my addiction :eek:

but all the other cat addicts on here as well :rolleyes:


I like the pics Carol. I also happen to be a cat person. Have my little kitty at home. She's nuts so I think she is the inspiration for most kitty pics that are out there lol


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