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All is calm in day 3 of the new world

Morning peeps, day 3 is here and I’m rather confused as to why I’m feeling so dam good I mean I’m always so happy by nature and never let things get me down no matter how bad but the last 2 days has been tuff and I have not felt my 100% self!!!! I expected to be put in a dark place for a week or two but, nope!, I woke up this morning, after a fantastic night’s sleep, had no headache, no slight breathing issues, no pains in my upper back ( on left side which I think was resulting from heavy smoker to be honest ) and I had no morning breath ( result ) NO thoughts on wanting a cig, my only thought was “ I want my Weetabix with banana and blueberry’s & a cup of tea! I had to go pick my partner up from Gatwick airport at 8am so getting up at 6.30am to do a 60 mile round trip, music blaring, singing away is unheard of for me at that time in the morning.. What is going on!

My partner is a smoker so when he gets in car, the smell was strong and of course since he just worked a 11 hour flight from Mexico the first thing he does is light up and you know what ? i never even flinched, no thoughts of me having one, no temptations nothing, not that in itself felt amazing!!! the 50 min drive home he lit a further 2 again nothing, got home to what has been a smoke free zone since Saturday ( flat smells amazing ) he lights up in kitchen and I even sat in my usual spot on the kitchen counter sipping my tea while he fills me in on his flight whilst puffing away again NOTHING!!!

I'm a bit wary of feeling this good so soon as i thought these were meant to be hard days. I am not so sure if it’s the Champix or the fact i am really just so happy not to smoke myself. I want every morning to feel like this!!! my mind just feels so clear ?? am I delusional and at some point today tomorrow I’m all of a sudden going to be knocked down ?


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What a great post to be reading Derek :D

thats great that you are having such a great day

lets see maybe because you had worked yourself up into a state about how you thought you would feel with your partner smoking and had prepared yourself mentally to want need a ciggie too

but you didnt you passed the most important test you thought you would fail at

plus the fact he had been away and was on his way home helped because you have missed him so the positive feelings helped you to over come the negative ones

so now he is home and you can relax you passed two smoking hurdles in afew hours which is amazing

hold your head up and be proud that you have done it


Go Derek Go




Well done you. I know how worried you were about him smoking around you. Hopefully the worst of it is over you but always be prepared for hard times to come. When I used champix last time I had no withdrawls at all and fell at 4 months. I'm not saying that to bring you down, just to make sure you are prepared for hurdles that could come up along the way. I know I'll be seeing you in Rio though :-)


You are so right, i a mixture of emotions, mentally prepping myself in case i found it hard when he returned after being free of smoke for a few days has really helped. and it was as you say so much easier!! now the BIG test, we are both of work now untl tuesday, i will be around a smoker 24/7 in a small apartment, the smell, the taste of home, no escape myself like going to work for 9 hours ect. this is the ultimate test. I have built myself up for this week, now lets go and put my hard work prepping to the test!! one think that really did help which i never thought i would do...

i automatically went in to the kitchen preched myself on the counter but the only difference was i never smoked but i never changed the routine. that was key and i realise now I cannot change any part of my routine so i will always go into the kitchen with him when he has one so i feel like im not missing out ( sounds strange i know lol )



Mark, you are right, i am under no illusion just how powerful these urges can come, and they can come at any point without warning! when i last used champix, i managed 3 months no pro,blem then one day BANG it just happend, like some form of depression just kickin in from now where and the power took me over and i had a bout 4 of the trott and i never felt sick!! i ma very prepared that this time round, today i feel brilliant, tomorrow could be same but sunday i could wake up crying my eyes out pleading for one ;-)

I hav this place to vent my frustrations and look for guidance :-)


Good to hear that all is going well with your quit Derek and that your partner smoking isn't making it difficult for you. You never know, if he sees how you are managing without your cigarettes he might even start to think about quitting himself.

Keep up the good work.



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