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All the time in the world

It occurs to me now and again [even being three and half years clean] that I have all the time in the world, my days used to be divided into sections of when the smoke breaks were and if in a situation I couldn't smoke then having that ridiculous habit of wishing my time away so I could smoke, grrrrrrrrr that makes me angry now that I did that.

I have always coped with my quit even early on by keeping thoughts like this at the fore front, seeing it from a non smoking point of view and analysing it in great detail so I fully understand why I used to smoke.

Its just on these sunny days I see people hiding behind trees, missing out on fun etc etc just so they can divide there day with allocated smoking times.

I don't look at them to judge I simply have a deep feeling of sorrow for them, are they so trapped they will never get out, are they wanting to get out but to scared, have they tried to get out? oh the analysing that my ex smoking brain does lol.

I am sure this has helped me stay quit all these questions that whizz around now and again, don't worry peeps I don't think this everyday I barely think about it anymore, its just when I see people being controlled by a habit that used to control me, I have a good old analysing session to reinforce it for myself


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Inspirational post Boo

This is why I quit 5 days ago......standing outside work in the pissing down rain as part of a pre planned fag break strategy.

Ridiculous to say the least.

Thx for the post...making me feel better on a dark day


Have been feeling a bit down lately re my quit, but to day lots of lovely posts to help me through, so big THANKYOU form me.

It's a massive help, when reading such positive and inspiring story.

Thanks for taking the time post , brilliant


Thank you guys and gals

oh yes titch the smoke free mountain is amazing

Life just feels normal for me know as a non smoker, as it felt normal being a smoker before, so its just changing that mind set, and it is a journey to get there but so worth travelling it. (wow a bit deep tonight lol)

You are all amazing and will all get to where you want to be in the end.



Missed this- don't know how. What a lovely and inspirational post Boo! :)

I so identify with Titch's smoke-free mountain analogy (as you are all probably more than aware I love fell walking and probably bore everyone stupid droning on about the similarities between quitting and climbing a big hill. :o).

Boo, it's wonderful that a non-smoking life feels perfectly normal to you now. I think is the one part of quitting that seems so impossible to comprehend at first. You just can't imagine you will ever feel that way but whilst I may not be there yet, I can see now that there is a 'new normal' starting to emerge (and wonderful it is too) :)


I also missed this post until it got bumped to top today. Great post Boo and yes encouraging for us newbies - 3 1/2 years is amazing!

I totally agree about the time wasted on planning smoking, then add the time wasted actually smoking and its phenomenal. :)


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