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This is too easy!

Hi, My names Jay ive smoked for 20 years. at one point i was on 80 a day. That didnt last. Its hard to find the time to smoke that many. For the last few years expense has made me cuut down to 20 a day, sometimes 30, all depending on how busy a day ive had. I've tried alsorts to quit. My kids are constantly on my case, i smell, work dont like us smoking in the wagons and 200 quid a month maybe more is far too much for my pocket nowerdays. The patches are crap. I smoked with them on. gum is ok for inbetween cigs. It did help a bit. The leccy cigs E-lite and VIP, they ended up in my top draw never to see light of day.

a few weeks ago my mate showed me his new electric cig which is a vape system? A new thing from the States. I bought one from <Website removed> about a week ago. Wow. a week in and i dont crave a cigarette at all. I feel like ive cheated. I feel like ive not even quit. At this rate i'll easily stop all together by next March. Its early days yet though.

I'll keep you posted! :D

sorry, i just wanted to have a bit of a brag. I'm a bit chuffed with myself.

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I agree Jay, the cost has been prohibitive over the past 10 years. I was up to 90 a day at one point and I already had a double mortgage on the house, so it was getting pretty hard to sustain my habit.

My wife wouldn't let me sell the kids, even though that would have seen me through the winter months. Instead, she told me I should look into vaping e-cigs. I'd never heard of the damned things before, but sure enough once I had tried them I was hooked!

I tell you folks, there ain't nothing cheaper or more fun than this:



lol :eek::D



HaHa - is this a cryptic message???

No matter what, it is very difficult to comment on something which is banned where you live. To smoke e-cigs in Australia, with nicotine in them, I think I would have to get them over the internet think since I have no idea where to buy them.

It raises an important point about smoking: if cigarette smoking had only been discovered now, in 2013, I'm certain it would be banned. Legalisation of the tobacco industry is a historical accident ( of gigantic proportions ). The fact that e-cigs are not banned in some countries, but are in others, is simply a reflection of the fact that there are legal loopholes in legislation. Time will tell with e-cigs.


Looks like spam to me. All I'm sayin'


Looks like an advert to me too!!

*All* e-cigs are vape systems, it's how they work ;)

Have used an e-cig, and to be honest it made me feel ill and cough while smoking a real one never did (until I quit where I more than made up for that :eek: ) and one of the types of base made me feel like I was dying so am more than a bit cynical of them!!


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