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No Smoking Day
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Feeling like a prize prat!!!

Hello Month 2 people... And what a beautiful room of people you are!

I'm Mimi, I joined this forum last Sunday, having completed 1 month of being smoke free, only I joined the wrong room, lol, no real harm done, hasn't driven me to light up, so it's all good!😃

Anyway, thought I'd join this room before its too late and I find the door being slammed in my face!! Time is flying by... I'm not complaining, but working in a school and being off for 6 weeks, now that's not such a good thing, 3 weeks flown by already but they've been completely SMOKEFREE!!! Yay!!!

I hope that you beautiful fellow smoke free peeps are having a lovely weekend, I've got the Olympics on as background noise, had a pizza for dinner and now having a long earned glass of vino!!

Thank you for letting me in here and all the best with our joint quest!

Mimi x

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Welcome to the site Mimi,

I never really noticed what room I was in to be honest. I don't post so often now but when I did I was here so often I just clicked on new posts and didn't pay any attention to who was posting in what section.

The main thing is, you've stopped, and you're doing great. Keep it up and you'll be in the one year penthouse and THAT is a room worth visiting :)

All the best, and enjoy the holiday.



Doesn't really matter what room you post in. Moving into a new room is just an incentive. Sorry I missed you because I moved to month 3 today :-)


Thanks Helen and Una, I know that it doesn't really matter where you are on this forum but the Penthouse does look ver very tempting!

I just thought its easier to move room in line with the smoke free days, one for motivational reasons but also to see if other people are experiencing similar things to myself at the same stage as myself.

One way or another, it's great to have cyber friends that understand the good, the bad and the ugly side of me!


I always compare the way I feel to the others at my stage and that goes for the people who have gone months or years before.


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