No Smoking Day
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Day 4 - Feeling good!

Much better again today. Dizzy spells have gone, anxiety has faded a bit, I'm doing much better.

Been out today, couple of people have been smoking, but I've already decided its a thing of the past and it wasn't too bad.

I definitely think your mindset helps. If you start tricking yourself into thinking you actually enjoyed smoking, you'll fail.

I know I didn't enjoy it. Every time I had one I used to wish I could quit, but didn't think I could. Well, I was wrong. I can quit, and any thoughts of me enjoying it are crap, every time I smoked I wish I didn't.

3 days and 16 hours!!!

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I'm feeling good too. I haven't had any anxiety since coming off the patches on Saturday so the only way is up. It certainly is all to do with the mind. I wasn't enjoying cigarettes anymore before I quit and I used to get annoyed because they kept going out.


I expected to be clearing my lungs a bit today. I thought I would have some strength back in my lungs to move some of the shit I've been taking in, but nothing really?

Anyone else find nothing much happens?


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