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No Smoking Day
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Battle with a found packet!

Im on day 12 and have found it OK so far, nowhere near as bad as I imagined it would be, well until last night when I found a brand new packet of cigarettes in the bottom of a bag.

It was a long and lengthy battle let me tell you, staring at the packet on the table, the demons in my head jumping up and down begging me to open them and take one little teeny weeny drag, nothing more, then your done they kept saying. I slowly opened the packet ....... and without even blinking emptied the contents into the kitchen sink and turned on the tap, soaking them all and breaking them up with my hands, I felt like a crazed lunatic, almost laughing with joy. I beat you nicotine demons, now jog on!!!!! :D

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Brilliant - I'm not sure I could do that.....

I have a sneaky suspicion if I REALLY looked round my house I would find half a pack or a few here and there. I'm proud that I've had the will power to not actively go hunting them out, but if I came across them by accident - I'm not sure how it would end....


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