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Internal battle

Its been a weird two days. Actually found yesterday easier than today. I've had this internal battle going on today. Constantly watching the clock on the way to work, while in work. etc. I was a routine smoker. As in I would have one in the car on the way to work. have one just before I go into work, have one at around 11 then another one after lunch and another one around 3/4pm then another one/two on the way home again. then whatever floated my boat in the evenings.

I'm back at the gym again, out running etc. hence the quitting as after around 400/800m I was clean punctured. lungs on fire sorta punctured. disgraceful really at my age and i'm not exactly what ya would call fat. Quite athletically built really. Its a harsh realisation to come too.

This morning has been brutal though. Mental images of myself enjoying a big fat smoke in the car out in the sun with a coffee lol...

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Anyone any tips to keep the head up and the nasty thoughts out?


I'd say my biggest tip would be to fill your head with positives. Celebrate all the time - every minute you don't smoke is a massive success :)

Keep remembering all the reasons you want to quit, and be proud of yourself for doing something about it...And keep reading and posting here, it really really helps!


Hi, great to see you on day 2. How are you quitting, Cold turkey or nicotine replacement? The first few days can be brutal, but it does get easier.

Try some deep breathing when you have a crave ( I went the whole hog and did hand actions with an imaginary cigarette). It helps a bit and at one point must have been chain smoking imaginary cigarettes. Strong flavoured sweets can help, or other more healthy options like fruit.

It can be a crazy few days, but anything is better than smoking. It may seem impossible to think about quitting forever. Try breaking it down to an hour at a time. So you think I'll just get through this hour without smoking.

Keep going, and keep posting, let us know how you are doing :) x


Yeah Cold Turkey. Its more the routine I need to get rid of. Once I pass the milestones of when i normally would have gone for a smoke. It seems a lot less daunting and I forget about it for another hour or two. Its that we hill at the points of the day which I get a major itch.

Even your reply helped calm down the itch though, non-smokers don't understand and smokers don't want to know.

I quit before only for a brief two weeks, but started again after I went out for a drink with mates. I found when drinking a smoker is more than happy to give you a cigarette knowing in their mind you're trying to quit, but don't want you to succeed. Cause deep down I don't think they want me too because they "cant"

One thing i've done to be proactive this time around was I left my wallet at home, avoiding the temptation of going to the shop and buying some, because that option isn't available to me lol


how long have you been off them for? you seem quite young yourself?


Hi great to have you with us, so a big hello from me. Ct I,m sure is hard, but my word they say after day three, nicotine has left your body, all of what you are experiencing is withdrawal , and mr NICO trying his hardest to wake up your receptors and just have a sneaky one.

But brilliant news for you, the longer you quit, the weaker the craves become.

It's a habit your breaking, now that's going to take a little while to adjust to, your body will so THANKYOU, and more good news the time does come when you don't think about smoking.

So please read and post often it will help,


I'm 48 so middle aged :) but thank you for compliment! And smoke free for nearly 5 months. I also went CT.

Alcohol has been a quit buster on many occasion :( some of us have to avoid it in the early stages of a quit or we just have to put all our guards up.

Yes, sadly, non smokers have no idea of how horrid a crave can be and smokers don't want to loose their smoking buddies. Think about it, not all smoking buddies I would have chosen as friends, it is just that they smoked that we had something in common :(

Think you will need to alter your routine a little. It doesn't have to be drastic to change some of those smoking cues, but it isn't possible to change the 11am one :) is it possible to cycle or take public transport to work? What about some cough candies in the car. Proper liquorice sticks that you get in a health shop can be chewed to death, lol.

I promise everyone has there last quit in them, it is like flicking a switch and believing you can do this x


Not one puff ever and take it hour by hour in the first few days. It does get easier as time goes on. You choose to smoke or not to smoke no matter how bad the craves it is your choice.

Nobody has ever died from quitting but 67% of smokers die from their habit.

Good luck with your quit, post regular it does help.


very wise!

One hour at the time for the first 3 days and 1 day at the time the forever!


Hi dOnni, am glad you started this topic especially as I have now learnt so many new strategies as per the replies from members of this very friendly and helpful community :)


Well done, I was the same a routine smoker, as I only work part time, it was hard to break the habit of coming home at lunchtime, and not straight away smoking. I am into my 6th week now, patches for 5 days then CT, not going to lie even now I still have some days when I think about smoking, wouldn't say it's a crave as such just a want. I've started going for a walk every afternoon so that helps, try changing your routine, I know it's easier said than done. Post on here every day, you soon get determined not to give in and let everyone down. Here's to day 3 x


One hour at a time lots of water is how I coped through those first difficult week. In the car I sang along to my favourite cd. I am around smokers all the time that was so hard at first, now I hate how they smell. Be strong


Hiya definitely withdrawal so lots of early nights work a treat, it may seem really dull but it for a few weeks of your life so it's worth it :) avoid alcohol or anything that you think might trigger a crave... Have lots of long baths and just be kind to yourself do want makes you happy and helps you to relax (except smoke) :) you will feel a bit better in a few days and as time goes on you will feel better each day xx


Hi, Thanks Everyone. Its been a crazy few days. Oddly enough once I got home yesterday after surviving the onslaught of work I felt so refreshed, almost like a new person. Had joined the Gym so bounced into Gym gear and away I went, happy as Larry. You see such a difference in the gym, lasting longer, legs and arms not cramping as quickly (because they can actually receive o2 again) - going to bed was quite difficult. as i would normally have a smoke before bed, but i just read a book and after half an hour was sweet. its a mind over matter thing. funny how it works really.

Its weird, I'm finding it more to do with mental strength than anything. Ya feel almost liberated each morning knowing you're slowly (to quote charlie sheen) "winning"


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