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little victories


A poster (soz can't remember who) wrote last week that every urge to light up is a victory. I didn't understand at the time what that really meant but the thought stayed with me and it's become a kind of mantra.

So, every time I get the thought/urge to smoke, instead of worrying and wondering what I should do with that thought, I immediately think 'that's a victory' and the thought disappears just as quickly as it came.

Thanks madame anon :)

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Love it! Another one to add to my armoury.

Somebody else (sorry, I can't remember who, but thank you big time) described her 'craves' as "healing moments". This has helped me through many a rough patch.... along with my own mantra, which goes something like -

So - you want a cigarette? Suppose you have one. Right now. OK ... but what are you going to do ten minutes later?

That usually kills it for me.




I can't help laughing now Sue,

I think it was the same post and what was actually said to me was 'healing moments' too but somehow ....... :p

here's to those little victorious healing moments!

So, Suze - here's to those victorious, healing moments then! I like the victorious angle just as much as the healing one. A sword in one hand, a plaster in the other! We can't fail!


I like the thought that each crave is a healing moment. Each time we get through one we heal a little more, brilliant:D

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