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so long cigarettes... and good riddance

I had my last ever cig at 8.30 last night, it is now 11.00am and i'm sticking with it.

not feeling the best and my brain keeps trying to come up with reasons to just buy 10 more but i am not going to give in.

stumbled across this site and feel all the better after reading some other peoples storys and its great to know there is a place you can come and have a moan when its getting hard :)

well here goes my first full day as a non-smoker and already looking forward to day two....


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Well done lewis :). I am a day ahead of you having stopped at 8pm on Sunday night. Don't buy anymore, as you'll only put off the feeling til the next time, and these niggles only last a few days at the most anyway. I'm sure we'll both be fine. All the best with your journey, and stick with this site. The support on here really does help.


thanks rachel, it somehow makes things easier knowing your not the only one suffering :)

feeling positive and strong (for now!!), thanks for the encouragement.


Good for you both. I've been quit almost a month now and bought a laptop with the money I saved. Read loads of posts and you'll soon feel like you belong an never want to leave.


sorry i didnt see this post before replying to your other one Lewis:o

Well done on making the decision to quit :)

if you click on my signature there are some really good tips on there

and reading and posting on here will help to keep your hands and mind busy when your having a crave

they do get weaker


just stick with the decision to quit, one hour @ a time, then one day@atime. keep ticking off those hours. overcome those smoking associations and tick them off too. give it a chance dont be one of those that keeps giving in at every uncomfortable crave only to beat yourself up and have to quit again ,its very draining and hard work u have nothing to lose by giving it a chance and loads to learn.

Mash x


thanks mash :)

finding it very hard but determined to stick with it, not used to feeling so miserable and it doesnt suit me :mad:


Good luck with it Lewis, hope you're still hanging in there! I'm on my 11th day, the niggles and miserable feelings do get further apart; my first three or four days I was fit to kill on a daily basis, but when you get through that it gets easier, like Mash says, tick off the triggers and associations, each one makes it easier...:)


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