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10 Weeks :)

Hello All

Hope everyone is doing well in their quits, and having slightly better weather, depending on where you live of course. :p

Well, here I am on Day 71, having now completed 70 days, a full 10 weeks, as of last night. It feels like quite a big milestone, and I have to say, the last week has indeed become noticeably easier. :-)

I will reach 12 weeks in a couple of weeks' time, when I will actually have just arrived abroad on holiday, and will be still be away when I complete 3 calendar months on 7 July. :) I'm not feeling nervous about a holiday without cigs, I'm really looking forward to it, hence the positive assumptions above. So that's all nice and cheery, something to celebrate whilst I'm away, except ...

How on earth I've managed to time my quit/holiday with a 'Significant 3' I've no idea. :eek: Anyway, that's what I've been dealt, and that little thought has made me a bit nervous that I might feel awful whilst I'm on holiday and clearly I'd rather that wasn't the case! So I'm already starting to focus my brain in readiness! I'm telling myself that I will be fine, I won't crave badly, I won't feel dreadful and I will definitely enjoy my holiday even more as a non smoker. :D

Ongong congratulations and good luck to all.

Shazza x

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Very well done Shazza! I am so pleased for you. You are very positive and I hope you have a fabulous holiday. You deserve it!


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