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Hello to all my fellow quitters I'm 146 days into my quit and still suffering from what feels like catarrh but nothing presents itself for disposal to be very polite. I've tried the over the counter medication Covonia but I'm no better. Is there anyone else in the Forum who has or are still suffering this very uncomfortable experience any suggestions .......Michael

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Hi Michael,

I would say it's normal but I'm not sure it is; however, I have experienced long term issues with goo...I think mostly from my sinuses.

Essentially I had a cold around the time I quit and had a feeling of a lump in the back of my throat. It seems to be caused by my sinuses (or something around my nose/throat) creating lots of nasty stuff. I've had this for 11 months or so now. Beconase seems to help.

My GP doesn't seem to be too worried and it definitely hasn't got any worse....I've just noted it as a feature of my quit.



yes, i'm suffering from the same (about to start my 5th calendar month) but I'm not doing anything about it. I feel like I have so many physical symptoms still, it's annoying, I'm just waiting for them to go away.


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