No Smoking Day
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Day 10

The last couple of days have been difficult - I have had lots of cravings and think a lot of it is due to being unwell and have now been signed off work so worrying about that too. When I go back to work it will be nearly two weeks I have been off sick and this is frowned upon - I keep thinking of all the meetings and work that I am missing and am getting stressed about it.

I know I should not but it is easier said than done :(

I am not going to give in and smoke as I have come so far and I am not going through this again this is my final quit.

How is everyone else?


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Dottie, you are doing really well, keep going 10 days is amazing & it's nearly 2 weeks :) I hope you're feeling better soon & try not to worry about missing work think about how well you'll feel when you do go back & are smoke free :)

Denise x


Well done for getting this far.

Don't worry about work, it will still be there when you're feeling better.

I had a whole month off just before Easter, I felt guilty for being off but had pneumonia at the time, so I needed that time to recover.

I hope you're feeling much better now.


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