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No Smoking Day
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Day 6

Day 6 for me today, and feeling a little like I want to smoke but I have no intention of giving in to the nicodemon.

Bought one of them Crafe Away imitation cigarettes yesterday just incase the craving gets too much. Its still in its packet.

It is supposed to taste like the real thing but without the nicotine, but thats what I'm worried about! If I try it, will the taste make me want the real thing?

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Well done cake ,ure doin greaaaat :D ya nearly done with yer hell week :D , i dont know about the false ciggy thingy , speakin for meself i think it wud tempt me too much so i wudnt go there , but if its a comfort too u and just a prop well.. woteva keeps yer quit and helps eh :) x


Well done, i agree, i think it would make me want a real one too, but whatever works for you is best. Well done for getting this far:D Its not easy but will be so much worth the hard work for us all !!


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