No Smoking Day
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Just finishing day two

Today was harder than yesterday. Cravings hit pretty strong mid-day, almost caved and had my room-mates cigarette by convincing myself that it would be better to cut down that to go cold turkey. Amazing how the mind tries to justify giving in!

But I did some exercise instead and in about 10 minutes the craving was gone. Kept on coming back, sometimes stronger than other times but i just kept on trying to refocus. Had some intense bloody cravings today to be honest. Exercise helps for awhile. I've been eating lots of snacks.. that helps too.

Tonight, it's midnight now, I had a moment randomly in bed where my body felt really good all of a sudden. Lasted about 1 minute then faded. A taste of the bliss of freedom from these fags to come, I believe.

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Yayyyyyyy :) You're doing really well, tell that evil mr nic to sod off!!

Denise x


God those early days are mad arent they? The cravings, as you say, are soooooooooo intense and constant. Thankfully this intensity is short-lived. Very soon now.....maybe even at some point'll begin to notice the cravings are a bit weaker and much more manageable. So.....well done on getting through the first 2 days. Great work.........keep holding and not folding know that fleeting feeling you had in bed there? Pretty soon that feeling will be permanent.....and as you saw for just an instant there.....its the lovliest, lightest.......well actually i've yet to find the right words to adequately describe it. ....... but I promise you, as Aitch and Cavalier once promised me, it becomes a permanent lovely state of existance.

Well done. Day 1 and 2 kicked into touch. Next 3 :)


well done day 3 today :D

as you have already noticed the cravings do pass its just keeping mind and hands busy till they do

onwards and upwards is the way to go :)


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