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new on here Day 3.. cant stop moving??

Hi all, I am quitting cold turkey, it has been slightly easier than i expected to so far but i cannot sit down where i'm constantly trying to keep myself busy, i crack on with the housework which puts my mind off smoking, showers, brushing my teeth (about 7 times a day) is anyone else rushing around trying to keep their mind off smoking?

Also I refused to go to my friends house tonight for dinner as they all smoke, and i knew it would be a bit too tempting, i really am committed to stopping but i don't want to have to be a recluse and i enjoy a drink on the weekend and am anticipating that to be a bit of a struggle, do you think i should temporarily put a ban on drinking aswell as i really dont want to smoke? Hope everyone is doing alright :)

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Well done and welcome.

Its a good idea to keep busy in the first days of your quit and before you know it it's weeks as well as days;)

I was worried about drinking as it went hand in and with smoking for me but I decided to try and carry on as normal and have been ok. Have just been away on a very boozy weekend with a heavy smoking friend and was fine.

Just do whatever works for you - good luck x


Hi Doc

Welcome to the forum.

One thing thats is good to do when you stop is change your routine until you get a bit more settled at least.

Dashing around is not going to hurt anyone so carry on while its helping you take you mind of things. Good time to clear the evidence of smoking from the house.

Good idea not to go to smoking friends for the time being. I'm sure they will understand and hopefully support you.

The drinking is a personal choice, there are a lot of people who quit drinking for a time as it certainly has ruined many a quit. Obviously you don't want to be a recluse. Why not try missing this weekend out and have a couple of drinks in the house away from temptation and see how it goes.

Good luck and keep posting and reading



I found the first drink really quite tricky. Just a MASSIVE trigger point. Stuck with it though and now i'm quite an expert at non-smoking drinking (not all the time I hasten to add). I'm with Aitch on this though... and think maybe a bit of caution is wise just until you're a bit more settled.


I would have thought that it might not be too bad if you're out and about, since you can't smoke in pubs anymore.

Although as I don't drink, I'm probably talking rubbish:rolleyes:



Having a couple of drinks has trashed a few of my previous quits as it lowers your determination and the nicodemon gets in saying just have 1 or just smoke tonight..

This time I am staying tea total for a good period as I know from experience that early into my quit I would smoke, saying that everyone is different but if you are worrying about it then it could be an issue for you as it has been for me.

Good luck and let us know how you get on



DrPepper...If you're resolved to quit, no drink will make you smoke again. Only you, yourself, can do that.

I went for a meal last night, my first since quitting. It was sooooo hard not to light up afterwards..but I didn;t and was really proud of myself. I saw it as a big leap forward.

As you say, keeping busy does help when the cravings appear. Also, for me, I try to think of some creep from former years and make it a personal mental battle in each craving. If I lose, the creep wins and smirks, knowing I would fail all along....If I win, the creep is defeated and I get stronger!!!!(LOL)

Keep going pal...we're all going through it!


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