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day 3 over soon cant stop eating!!!

Well I am nearly at the end of day 3 not too bad spray has been great while im loosing my head at work!!

I have just done my workout for the day as all I have done is eat all day!!!! By the end of this I will be the size of a house!! I have eaten

breakfast biscuits

Packet of herbal tablets (these seem to be the best for craves!!)

Packet of softmints



panini & chips

Fish pie wedges and salad

Guess what I still feel hungry!!!! lol

Never mind lease I havent smoked!!!:D

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Very well done on reaching Day 3 !!

Don't worry about eating too much, it makes me feel better as I've eaten far too many Parma Violets tonight ;)

Keep up the good work!



Welcome to our club Joanna!

It is very common to eat more in the early days of your quit - I think that most of us have. I've put on over a stone (so not quite house-sized, more of a bungalow).

I think for most people, it's best to get the quit properly under your belt, and then worry about the eating. On the positive side, once you can breathe better, you will be able to exercise more effectively!


Hey, well done, Joanna!

When you give up smoking, your blood sugar drops, so as we have all experienced, you will be continuously hungry!

You will get used to the lower blood sugar level soon enough though - I was only hungry for a couple of weeks and I have actually lost half a stone over the past few weeks! (Probably because I can exercise without keeling over, rather than healthy food choices...) ;)



A week ago at about 3:00 pm I felt "pekish"

3 x pieces kfc + chips

1 x Mini loaf

1 x rounder

typing with one hand eating lays "spring onion" chips @9:16 am after eating a Bannana, apple and my lunch "sarmies" before 8:00am!

Sorry I have to say, I have no idea what you talking about !

Non stop eating nah not me, i got this under control hmmm now where did I hide that takeout menu?


now that i dont smoke how will i know the meal is over?

ideas on a postcard please.



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