No Smoking Day
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i thought i had given up !!

well after a succesful 3 months from january to the end of march i convinced myself after a few beers that just one would be ok,, control yourselves with the " i told you so's " it wasnt as we all know , one became two then one every other day then two a day then back to 15 a day.

results of that one,, back to smelling like a stale smoker, feeling rough , less cash , worst of all sneaking around loooking for an excuse to have a fag , making excuses not to do things as i couldnt smoke.. totally pathetic after 3 months of not smoking.

so i am now the proud owner of a packet of patches determined to get past the next 3 days of irritants ,avoiding all annoyances . could be difficult with the so called jubilee celebrations.

good luck to every one else on day one ,

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Not much we can say is there except welcome back and good luck this time.


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