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Day 1 again

:(:(Hello everyone,

I suppose my silence gave me away but I failed again. I do not feel good about myself at the moment - I was doing so well and felt I could take the world on and now I feel depressed and full of anxiety.

I have decided to start completely again on the full strength patches as have been smoking a lot as knew I had to quit again so was cramming them in so to speak.

I have just got to do this.

Any help, inspiration or advice will be greatly appreciated.

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I have a question for you, something probably a little different to what folks usually post....I hope it doesn't come across as being negative.

Are you ready to quit? I mean really READY to quit.

I don't want to put doubt in your mind but think it's a valid question following my own experiences. I went in to some of my quits not being ready, they failed and it just made me depressed; another failed quit to add to the others.

My actual successful quit wasn't planned, I liteterally woke up in the morning, had a smoke and thought "that's it"...that was indeed it.

I hope this doen't rattle any isn't meant to just my own thought/experience.


All opinions and questions are welcome :)

Yes I am ready to quit I think the addiction and hanging on to a 'friend' is really strong in me, I seem to get over the addiction side - with a lot of hard work and perseverence and then the feeling of 'loss' and depression hits me and it hits me hard - this is what I do not know how to deal with and end up relapsing.


Oh poo! It's really sad when people break their quit, especially when they had all the right intentions. :(

If there's one major piece of advice I can give you it is to NOT beat yourself up about it! I know it feels like crap, but you need to pick yourself up and say "OK, so that was a trial. Next time I'll do better." Almost all of us have had a trial quit, if not several trial quits. Giving up smoking isn't easy until you have the right combination of mindset, determination and oftentimes, nothing major to upset you especially in the beginning.

See, I don't believe in failure when quitting, because as I said in a previous post it's not really about quitting, it's about not smoking any more (i.e. forward thinking instead of backward thinking). Take a step back, take a deep breath, tell yourself that you have NOT failed, and that you are looking forward to smoke-less future.



Thank you for the lovely words Alex and I do agree that you learn something and take some knowledge from each quit. I am so determined, I have nothing hugely stressful coming up and have started doing lots of different types of excerise and lets face it fags and excerice dont mix


I have just got to do this.

The one thing I would add to the excellent advice already given by Alex and this. Dottie. You dont HAVE to do this. None of us HAVE to do this. As long as there's money in our pockets and shops selling fags we can smoke ourselves giddy if we choose to. No Dottie. You dont HAVE to do this.......but its written in and in between every line of your posts that you WANT to do this. Always remember that and just keep on keeping on making a positive choice for health and happiness. Relax. There's no pressure on you to do this. There really isnt. You are just doing something you clearly want to do. Think of this as an extended 'blip' and just carry on with your journey. Remember too. You thought you could 'take the world on'. I reckon you can.


Hi Dottie, have you tried reading Allen Carr to help with the phsycological side of quitting? It may help you. I know that I found it really useful and so have others on this forum. Give it a try if you havent already done so. Any help you can get at this stage I say.


I have just bought the book the one designed for women and not putting on weight - will be reading it over the weekend when I have some time.

Day 2 today and so far so good, I am feeling positive


Hey Dottie, just seen your post on Vixen's thread which brought 'round to this thread.

Reading through your thread the only thing I would add is that possibly it would be helpful to research into what others have to say about cigarettes being our 'best friend' - here on this Forum and also google the web for a wider selection of information. That may help to take the scales from your eyes.

Think you've got yourself onto day 2...although it may day 3. Whichever, huge congrats :)


Thank you and I certainly will have a read.

I think they have just been a crutch through all the emotional times in my life so kind of a constant when everything else is a mess if that makes sense?


I think they have just been a crutch through all the emotional times in my life so kind of a constant when everything else is a mess if that makes sense?

Totally understand where you're coming from...I think the vast majority of us do.

There came a point at approx 5 1/2 months quit when I finally accepted to myself that smoking wasn't my best friend but more importantly that it was out of my life, my daily existence, my everything buddy.

I think that from that deep acceptance my quit turned around from a trial to more of a breeze.


I know what you mean Dottie. It's easier to smoke for us than to not smoke. You are breaking up with your best friend ( not) so you go through a grieving process. You will find a way to beat your addiction and you will be so proud when you do. Good luck, we have faith in you


Thank you xx


Hey Dottie 12

If you were teaching a kid to read and they got stuck on a word that you knew they knew would you think they failed?

If you were helping an old person to cross the road and they weren't ready to do it, would you think, they failed?

I think if you are trying to do something that is so hard you struggle, it doesn't mean you fail, it means you need help,

and that is what we are here for.

I hope you make it this time but if not so what, we will always be here until you are ready, because if it's want you want, you will do it,and then you will be here for some one else.

good luck and don't stop giving up.:)


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