12 days free

Have been free of the dreaded demon for 12 days now.so proud of myself! Have tried numerous times before but this time is different.i don't want a cigarette.i have cravings but I don't know what for but it's not cigarettes.its great! I feel clean,more healthy every day and just wonderful right now.after 28 years of feeling chained to something I detested its great to finally have a taste of freedom and I have no intention of giving my freedom up!

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  • Yay! What a positive post! I am glad things are going great for you! Wooot woooooot!


  • Thanks for the response.the first week was pretty hard but this second week is like a new awakening for me.i feel like I've been set free and am getting MY life back.Im not letting the dreaded demon control ME or my precious LIFE anymore! I can only think of positives at the moment. The negatives are all in the past. I hope you're doing well and congratulations on getting YOUR precious LIFE back!

  • Great post, Caskie! :cool:

  • Go Caskie, go!

    Make this one your quit. Keep reminding yourself of all those positives, and ride any tricky moments, knowing that they are only temporary. You can do this!:D

  • Thanks for the positive responses. It's now day 13 for me.felt a bit niggly this morning.kept busy and within a few minutes felt great again! It's just great to have FREEDOM!! Congratulations to everybody else on this forum for choosing FREEDOM over DEMON!! Xxxxx:D

  • Thanks for the positive responses. It's now day 13 for me.felt a bit niggly this morning.kept busy and within a few minutes felt great again! It's just great to have FREEDOM!! Congratulations to everybody else on this forum for choosing FREEDOM over DEMON!! Xxxxx:D

    Your dreams are worth your best efforts to achieve them! Xxx


  • Brilliant post Caskie :D:D So loving your positivity its great :D:D Enjoy that there freedom.

    Zoe xxxx

  • Caskie, your post is so encouraging. I am on day 5 but I am trying to be positive.

  • Keep positive! The first week was terrible for me but I am now at my two week mark. Iam so,so proud of myself and so should you be.whether its day 1 or year 1,we are all turning our dream into a reality! I felt a bit down again this morning as I do most mornings. That seems to be the worst time for me but now I keep busy and remind myself of what I've achieved.Its getting so much easier.Ive also had a few stressful situations the last few days but I've stood firm and am so glad and proud of myself that I have. Good luck to everyone one this forum. This forum has been a great help for me,when I've had weak moments I've got straight on the forum and read some really positive feedback!WE CAN ALL ACHEIVE OUR GOALS!!!!! xxxxx

  • Well done Caskie, brilliant positive post.

    Well done hun

    Joan xx

  • yay good for you! they really are un-needed arent they!? xxxx

  • Congrats Caskie on what will now be 13 days...and tomorrow a milestone to celebrate :)

    Whilst your reading into the positive feedback it would also be of benefit to look at some of the sites linked in mine and others' sigs. Hopefully these will help with raising awareness of various issues we come across whilst stopping smoking.

  • I have now been demon free for 15 days and it feels GREAT! I still have the odd crave now and again but it's getting easier to work through day by day. I still can't believe how clean I feel. My mouth,my skin,my teeth. Even a few hours after a bath I can still smell the shampoo and conditioner on my hair,the moisturiser on my skin. I haven't had that for years because as soon as you have a demon ciggie after a bath or washing your hair,you smell horrible again. Every day brings new surprises and new beginnings. It's fantastic!!! I can breath easier. I no longer wheeze or get out of breath. It's wonderful! I am not giving this feeling up for nothing or no one!

  • Thanks also,Cavaleir for the web sites.the one I found most helpful for me was the sleep one. I usually awake about 5 am but since my quit I have been waking about 6.30 am and that's only because my husband wakes me for work otherwise I'd still be sleeping! Haha. But I don't mind,I see it as my body recuperating from the years of demon abuse I've put it through.

    Thanks to all for the support. We can and will ACHEIVE our goal!

    Lynda xx

  • Hi Lynda, I agree with everything you say, Its great to feel clean and fresh after shower or brushing your teeth, and not taste and smell as soon as we light up again. I can now give my husband a kiss without him saying I can smell the smoke on your breath. Im sure you will agree a bit off putting for both of us.

    Onward and upward to us all.

    Love Joan xx

  • Totally agree,Joan. The difference in cleanliness is amazing,isn't it? Even the toothpaste seems stronger than it used to. Haha. Everything is amazing me about quitting at the moment. I'm just sorry I had all of those slips when I've previously tried to quit. But like you say,onwards and upwards. I'm truly enjoying my quit and the new experiences it brings. There's no way in this world I want to be a SMELLY SMOKER! Hahaha. I'm liking my life too much and appreciating it so much more. So are my children. They keep telling me how proud they are of me and how my house doesn't smell anymore. The best thing is I never smoked in the house anyway. I used to smoke outside but my daughter told me when I came in after having a ciggie the smell was on me so would be in the house! I never,ever noticed it but my daughter has sense,she has never smoked.

    Best wishes and support to you

    Lynda xxxxx

  • 16 days! Yeeeeeeyyyyyy!!!!!

    So proud of myself to have got this far. Some times are harder than othere but I keep in mind I AM NOT A SMELLY SMOKER ANY MORE!! Good luck,health,happiness and well being to everyone on this forum. We can all ACHEIVE our dream! Xxx

    Love Lynda xx

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