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Massage your hands


I was reading one of my favorite magazines and there was an article about Smoking and tips to quit.

It says, "Regular two minute hand massages help kick start production of the happiness hormones that reduces anxiety and helps squash nicotine cravings."

I'm 4 months into my quit and really don't have anymore cravings, just the periodical thought, but I could use a dose of happy. lol

So having my green tea at my desk and massaged my hands, I don't feel super happy, but my headache is releived a bit. I know there are several pressure points in your hands that can detour pain receptors. Thought it was interesting :)

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Sounds good to me I will give it a try.

Thank you Jubilee.

Joanie x


Anywhere in particular to massage .. or all over like wringing your hands?

I think a personal masseur might help me take my mind of smoking but in the absence of that will give anything a try :rolleyes:

Hi Suze,

I noticed that when I massaged my thumbs base and the palm of my hand, it felt very sore, I also know those are pressure points too. or just put a glob of your favorite lotion on and massage until it's all absorbed... aroma therapy too:) and it made my hands look a lil younger from being better hydrated.:cool:

...but I could use a dose of happy. lol

Here's an idea... :D


lol Alex .. I am trying to rid myself of the dark chocolatey side .. the hand massage sounds much healthier x

lol Alex .. I am trying to rid myself of the dark chocolatey side .. the hand massage sounds much healthier x

You have to know Sesame Street to get this one... :D

lol. Wow....The dark side has cookies.

But we got the milk :)


It's quite amazing really all those things us in the western world have forgotten over the generations ..

for you men folk here are the stats:

Smoking cravings are reduced by self-massage.

Hernandez-Reif M, Field T, Hart S.


Touch Research Institute, University of Miami, School of Medicine, Florida 33101, USA.



Attempts at smoking cessation have been correlated with severe withdrawal symptoms, including intense cigarette cravings, anxiety, and depressed mood. Massage therapy has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress hormones and improve mood.


Twenty adult smokers (M age = 32.6) were randomly assigned to a self-massage treatment or a control group. The treatment group was taught to conduct a hand or ear self-massage during three cravings a day for 1 month.


Self-reports revealed lower anxiety scores, improved mood, and fewer withdrawal symptoms. In addition, the self-massage group smoked fewer cigarettes per day by the last week of the study.


The present findings suggest that self-massage may be an effective adjunct treatment for adults attempting smoking cessation to alleviate smoking-related anxiety, reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms, improve mood, and reduce the number of cigarettes smoked.

ps thanks again Alex for the linking capability :)

Thanks for that image Alex i love sesame st.

Mash x

Lulu_652 Years Smoke Free

This is really interesting. I tried massaging my hands and it really does take away the craving.. possibly through distracting... but it felt pleasant and really did work.


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