For those who need to keep their hands busy (!)

I read in my local paper about a woman who is knitting to help the Jenny Chant Appeal (breast cancer awareness). They are going for a world record of a 34 mile scarf!! They need 800 2metre scarves just to make 1 mile. Last time I knitted was primary school! I've just been down to the local craft shop and bought 2 balls of pink wool and a pair of needles, cost me £8 (not even 2 days worth of cigs). If you're interested, here is the website

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  • i bought a cross stitch kit. it helps loads on an evening. its just a shame i cant take it to work with me!

  • That looks like fun. I need my mum though, I can't remember how to cast on and cast off, haven't done it since i was about twelve!! :confused:

  • Not sure the mods would approve of a thread on that subject HandIMan!! :eek: :D

  • Calling NuttyNurse!!!

    Where's Jo's amazing knitting skills when you need them?! :D

  • It raises a few questions.

    Our hands, if left to their own devices, do they wander off and cause mischief in the neighbour's garden or something. Do you find them watching cheap TV or tormenting the cat?

    How did smoking keep our hands busy? Holding a fag is not exactly stimulating for them and the lighting and extinguishing is hardly a complex task.

    The smoking itself, especially for us seasoned veterans is an incredibly dull experience of simply breathing smoke in and out and to think it made us less bored it a bit embarrassing.

    When we're busy smoking just gets in the way. It becomes annoying and disruptive but as smokers we've got to do it at some point. Therefore we choose to do it when we're least occupied, when we're bored and then the association begins.

    Now, as quitters, we realise that those moments when we're unoccupied don't seem to have a point and we're reluctant to be seen doing nothing so we now need to find something to do to stop those unruly hands amusing themselves despite the obvious that the hands didn't really get involved much in smoking anyway.

    I must point out that knitting needles are not gender specific.

    Personally I'd recommend giving shadow puppets a try. :rolleyes:

  • That is a very calid voint Austin... although you have to admit that there is this perceived loss of 'calmness' after quitting that can create quite a bit of anxiety. I think keeping hands busy is another way of releasing this 'stress' that comes from craving just as chewing gum and sipping water might help.

    btw, I used to be one of these 'energetic' smokers that did a lot of flicking etc. and even so - you're right! there is minimal movement required in the actual action of smoking. Thanks for reminding me... I'm afraid I've also been hit slightly hard by the gorgeous weather (as some of our other memebers here have) and am finding it difficult to stay focused.

  • Love your take on this Austin, sat in the garden today feeling totally calm and enjoyed not having to smoke. Got my pma back!!!!!

  • Love your take on this Austin, sat in the garden today feeling totally calm and enjoyed not having to smoke. Got my pma back!!!!!

    WHOOP WHOOP! YES! Really pleased for you Royal


    Now about my hands and what to fiddle with...

    :D :D heh heh heh :D :D

  • here you go handiman! hahaha ...just an idea ;)


  • here you go handiman! hahaha ...just an idea ;)


    I think he meant this Kitkat72

  • hahaha:D ...........This might be more useful :p


  • fact! rubber gloves arent necessary for light cleaning duties:p


  • hahaha! you want help with that...dont want you busting your muscles! :p i come better equiped :D


  • Lol:D...... what do you think? haha :cool:


  • (BLEUGH!!:eek:) haha!

    Shucks me too ......1 ...2 ...3......huh! :p


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