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Champix 1st tablet

Finally decided to attempt to give up smoking. Got my 1st prescription today, and just taken my 1st tab. I will attempt to stop smoking on April 9th. I really hope i have the willpower, and with the added help of using Champix, that i can succeed. Ive had several attempts over the years, but always failed miserably. I smoke 20 a day, and been smoking for 34yrs. Gonna update as things progress, if i can give up then there is hope for everyone!! :)

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way hay! good for you! Hope all goes well. Champix is not the be all and end all but it has certainly helped me this time. Keep posting:)


Hi macatac,

Champix does help, but like you say you need the willpower too. Don't want a shock when you get a craving and think 'where's the Champix effect then????' Lol the number of times I have wanted to sue Pfizer :rolleyes:

But its US doing this quit, not some plonky tablet.

Wishing you all the best,

Zoe xxxx


I was a smoker for 31 years macatac and I thought like you too.

I was doing 20 miniature cigars a day and inhaling like they were cigarettes :eek:

I doubted I could do it, but here I am almost 10 weeks in and winning!

You can do it too. Use the advice and support of people on here, they are fantastic! :D


Welcome to the site.

There are a lot of people on here who smoked for a lot of years (imagine a giant ashtray with the dog ends of all our accumulated fags - ewwww!!!!!) and have succeeded in kicking this crappy habit into touch.

That's all it is, a habit. As long as you keep choosing not to light up, all the associations you've built up over the years can be broken, until that impulse to smoke just doesn't happen any more. It can take a while, but the good news is it takes nothing like as long as you've been smoking for :D

Keep posting here, the support of this site is invaluable.

Happy quitting,



Early days for me too macatac and on my second day smoke free. I have to say it hasn't been nearly as bad as i thought it would be...a bit uncomfortable at times but nothing unbearable.

I'm usung Zyban which i think is similar to champix and it is helping with the cravings etc plus it made the fags taste horrible and after 2 days i wasn't getting the 'hit' anyway so it was either throw the fags away or the tablets! :)

Thankfully it was the fags for me and i have found this site invaluable...all the best with your quit!



Thanks for the actually looking forward to next monday which i have set as my stop day. I know its something i need to do, for my health and my finances. My partner will also be attempting to stop the same day, she will be using an electronic cigarette which she has purchased online for £25, it can be re-charged using the usb port on the laptop. At least we can help each other. If we both succeed, it will save us over £11 per day. For each day we stop smoking, i will put the money aside, we can then see the savings which will hopefully encourage us even more. Will do regular updates on my progress from when my start day begins.


Thats a lot of years of re-inforcing the habit/addiction of smoking, sounds like a hopeless quest to overcome it. Rubbish.... i did it.... and if i can do it... so can anyone..... one step at a time... just like learning to walk... u did that... i presume.... and whenever you fell over u didnt say I cant do it..did u?.... didnt think so.... when u do stop...and u will.... u will get whats called a crave.... its the same as falling over.... what u dont say is I cant do this... and you know the rest..........cheers ....see you on the dancefloor in the penthouse. in about 12 months



Hi Macatac,

You have already made the biggest step and thats planining your quit date, I had champix for 3 months before plucking up the courage to take them, I have now been on them for 6weeks and been a non smoker for 3weeks, I smoked 20+ a day for 38yrs, I have never ever given up fags before alot of it was the fear, in the 3weeks that I have not smoked I am off all my Asthma medication and I feel great. (I was on alot of medication), My only regret is that I did not try all of this a few years ago.

The best of luck to you Macatac.


day 8 for me

well im on day 8 with champix and havent had a cig for 48 hrs now, being really honest today has been hard and my jaw is aching from chewing gum all day ! but i havent give in because i know that even if i had a cig it would make me feel sick, trying to keep busy , i think distraction is a big help.


" I smoke 20 a day, and been smoking for 34yrs. Gonna update as things progress, if i can give up then there is hope for everyone!! "

Good Evening macatac just a few words of encouragement. I gave the nicotine a go for 41/42 years always wanting to quit. Finally after a major health issue; suspected heart attack I saw the light so to speak. So with the help of smoking cessation classes and patchs I'm now into day 74 of my quit and loving every minute of it. Of course there have be low points but that feeling of striking another day off on the calendar takes some beating. However it does get even better, as sometimes you forget to mark the days off and then find youself striking 3 maybe 4 days off when you do remember. What a feeling.

Give it your best shot Macatac God loves a trier.

Michael a.k.a:-lefoy123 in Glasgow


Same Quit days!

Macatac, you and I have same quit days (4/9/12 , 8p) and I'm using Chantix as well. On day 14 here, a few ups and downs, but no slips. Hope it's going well for you as well. Just take it a day at a time .... :)


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