week 2 yipee

Hi everyone well done to all in week 2....sounds great week 2...just on day 9...using patches and the odd puff on e cig...really been fighting the voices the past wk but had quite a good day today although I didnt sleep well...Treated myself to some new clothes at the weekend, think I will treat myself at the end of every week now as will really be saving some money having quit my 30 a day habit of 38 years!!!...xxx:D

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  • Well done Toyah yaay :D it does feel good being in week 2 doesn't it? Didn't think I would ever get here again cos I struggled so much after my last relapse. So treat away, treat away, you deserve it :D.

    Zoe xx

  • I'm on day 9 too!! welldone and yay for us and our savings! I think I'm going to work out all the money I would have saved and treat myself to a holibob once I have been 6 months quit, give me some good motivation when things get a little hairy...!

  • Big thanks Zoe...and a great big well done to you..xxx

  • Yay!! well done maddie...dont blame you save save save!!!!! hopefully we will all stay quit together...xxx

  • Well done to you all :)

  • Thank you rogue and dottie...xx

  • Well done all you in week two. You will be suprised how quick the days go, so keep at it, your doing well.

    I also treat myself to a present most weeks, it does not have to be much but it helps to keep me focused. My own little pat on the back I suppose. The money I have not spent is going towards a holiday abroad and I will not be bringing cheap fags back for anyone.

  • Hi Aitch thanks.:D lol...will be really strange going on holiday and not bringing any fags back usually the first thing I think about..xxx

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