Day 10

Double digits and could not be happier! Very busy day ahead, have dentist in the morning again! Last night was by far the easiest since I started the quit, hardly getting any cravings, I am putting a huge effort in staying calm, breathing exercises and literary walking away from any stressful situation. I'm following the original plan, taking half of the recommended dose on the champix and I'm no longer sick, nauseated or unable to sleep... All going well. I am posting this in an attempt to help all of you on the first days. Stray strong, it does get better!

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  • I never realised you were on the Champix , i am too , yesterday i had tummy ache all day long , it was quite painful but today it is only slight. I have put it down to the tablets , also i am very windy , hey ho . Think i will try cutting down to one tablet a day .and see if gets any better . Thank you for the idea x

  • Talk to the GP, I tried the Champix before and followed the normal dose, I got so sick that I end up stopping it all together. The second time, I tried to cut the 1mg pill in 2 and have half in the morning and half in the evening. It doesn't work because you are not getting enough in the morning to keep you going for the day and too much at night, keeps you awake.

    This time, I decided to give it another go and I am doing 1 mg in the morning and nothing in the evening, works as a charm, I am sleeping well, no nightmares or vivid dreams at all, no nausea either.

    I suppose we are all different and what works for me, may not work for you, but I have to say I am delighted with the results.

    Stay strong buddy and keep it going!

  • Great day, struggled a bit around lunch time, palpitations and very agitated...I have great colleagues at work, a few jokes here and there and I just forgot about it all together. Another day gone as without smokes

    This evening when I came home got a Bit anxious as there was letters on the mailbox for the next bloods and consultant appointment which I don't want to go but unfortunately must go. It will be next week I put the letters away and I choose not to think about it, I will remain calm and serene and I am going to win this battle. Nite nite my friends, hope you are all doing great.

  • Maya so happy you are now in double digits :) you are doing splendidly and to be honest with everything u have going on it really is amazing what you have achieved,keep up the good work lovely xx

  • Regardless of whatever else. I do not want to fail again, I don't take failure very well. I do not want to do this again, it's horrible! That's my motivation ;) how was your day? Getting easier? ... Even a tiny bit easier!

  • Yes it was a it easier thanks Hun, I was a bit irritable in work today but a cold glass of water sorts that out, just getting my head down and getting on with it if I can:)

  • Great, I need you here, you can't leave me alone :(

  • No I won't but I have to say it's bloody quiet here, what the hecks going on, let's hope stoptober brings new members! Xx

  • It was ok last week. This week is just you know what? I don't care, I'll keep going, there's another 3 with me and you immediately after. We are not alone.

  • Well done Mmaya, you're doing great. x

  • Thanks linda. You too! You're almost on the 2nd month! I wouldn't be here now if you guys didn't push me, my success is your success, thank you.

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