The First of the 3's

Just woke up, was feeling cranky last night so I let myself fall asleep. Eeps I slept for over 12 hours! That made for an easy half day jump to day 3! I'm going to take this first 3 challenge and stomp on it for Odin.. No matter what I feel, I will pull myself out of the bedlam and resurface in day 4! I am determined, and almost have finished the first half of hell week... And temper has so far been in check. Biggest thing I've noticed is I'm in a haze still. Have a feeling of loss more than anger... Have to get my head around the fact that I am gaining, not losing. Your trickery has bveen found out Nico Demon! I'll update when I go crazy in a few hours.


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  • Keep going, I was dreading day 3 too but it really wasn't as bad as I thought :)

    Just keep telling yourself 'I'm not going through these first few days all over again or it's all been for nothing' that's what I do & it seems to help.

    Good luck, we can all do this :)


  • Hi Viking

    Long time no speak how you doing mate, i see your starting a new quit not sure what happend but so pleased your back on the wagon.xxxxxx

  • Got cocky, bored and kind of forgot the reasons for quitting around the 3 year mark Linda. One turned into many, depression and sneakiness followed soon after.. All in all a bad scene. Good to see you are still doing awesome! That's two old friends still quit now woot! Totally stoked for you! Thanks for the pump up Denise!


  • Go, Viking, Go!

  • rehashing thread again, day 3 remixed.

    Moving into day 3. Nemesis creeping up, and will be on my doorstep within 24 hours. I do feel better right now than day 3's beginning a few days ago. Heavy headed again though, no worries, I will make it to five. I will make it to five. Day four is a weak punk. Expect some randomness on day four, I may call him bad names and use a glove to challenge him to a duel. Vike

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