the first 3

day three, it's worse getting back into the quit than i thought it would be, things keep coming along to irritate me until it feels like my stomach is tied into a knot and my only function ot earth is to be a ball of unrequited anger!!, i keep thinking a cig would chill me out but then a little voice reminds me that will lead to addiction, so i'm going to have to sweat it out, no choice really, which is all to the good,

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  • Sorry you're having a bit of a crappy time of it - but it's really good that even though you're annoyed and angry you are still able to tell yourself that smoking wont help and just get on with it.

    i know from (bitter) experience that it's much harder than it sounds to say to yourslef "look there's no choice so just carry on not smoking"

    Sending you lots of "hope your subconcious catches up with your concious mind and realises smoking is crappy so it's not so hard for you anymore" vibes:D

  • Good morning 5mol<er,

    Well done for getting back on the wagon straight away!

    You have been here and done this bit before, but it doesnt make it any easier does it.

    Keep strong, have faith, and PM me anytime you need to!

  • thanks both, even though it's a struggle i do feel very well re-programmed by the last six months, all parts of my brain scream 'a smoke will lead to addiction' each time i think of a cig, really i'm a model citizen :D orwell would be proud of me :)

  • It's good you've kept those automatic responses in your head... just goes to show that those 6 months really weren't for nothing and you've really grown so much in that time. I firmly believe you are totally armed to get through the annoying hell week cravings :)

    Well done for being back so soon!

  • ahhh, hell week, that's what it was called, thanks that was buzzing annoyingly around my head like a fly!!

  • lol, sorry to remind you of the name really! some find it easier when they don't know that the first week is 'hell week'... I found it easier to put a name to it!

  • it's the only name for it!!!

  • hey smoker...might sound bad, but change your name as your no longer a smoker :)

    I have to agree with your other posts...i really enjoyed smoking on a nice day. I just have to disassociate smoking on a nice day...:mad:

  • lol, it is a bit of a daft name! but you know i kind of like it as a reminder of just where my head was at 6 months ago when all this frantic quitting lark began, if it's any consolation my password is a lot worse!!!

    yes, we just need to break the link, a big issue for a lot of us, for me the whole world seems to smell of ciggie smoke on a sunny day, and well just maybe thats because it does! smelly old world!

  • lol, is your password 'mmmyummyfags'?!?!

  • dammit i'll have to change it now!! :D

  • Hey 5mol<er, what you doing down here? I've not been online for ages so not aware of what's happening in the forum.

    I was going to say how sorry I was to see you here, but deep down I'm thinking how lucky you were to enjoy a lovely fag. 7 months and I still miss 'em if I'm totally honest.

    Anyway good luck with your quit and hopefully it'll be better this time for you :-)

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