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In Month 4 -just about

After a shitty week and wanting a fag quite badly towards the end of it....I didn't succumb and have just finished month 3 - woohoo. So although this is my last day of month 3, I'm posting in month 4 so there!!!!

Well done to all my fellow October Quitters who have got here as well. Bloody difficult and from here on in, this quit is the longest I've ever quit for....gonna be for keeps now.

Keep on trucking everyone.

Lisa x

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Congratulations Lisa!!!!


Well done for battling through a tough time Lisa - I know how hard it must have been. But hey, if you can face down that trigger you can face down anything. Onwards and upwards!

Hel x


There are periods that we struggle in quitting.

But if we....

Keep on keepin' on's....

Onwards and upwards!


Keep on trucking everyone

...because the struggle doesn't last forever!!

Congrats, Lisa :cool:


Well done Lisa - you've done AMAZINGLY well. Be proud -



Good on you Lisa girl for going the extra mile further than ever before uncharted territory and the worlds your oyster..

Mash x


Magic :):):)


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