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Day 103...Fitness drive/ride

Its new year...I'm now a bloater...time for change!!! BMI is just over 30, so classed as obese for the first time in my life!!!

I took possession of a mountain bike (xmas pressie) on Sunday, put it all together and went for a ride...after 5 minutes I changed gear and the chain came off and got stuck...had to walk back home :mad:

Been out after work every night since, however my fitness levels are so poor, I haven't managed more than 20 minutes before legs turn to jelly.

Any advice on a few exercises to improve strength/stamina - can't do much running due to bad knees?

Mods: could we have a fitness/exercise section in the general area?

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Well done on what seems a solid quit :)

Sorry I'm certainly no exercise guru :o but I know a few people Penthouse Resisdents who took up cycling and running after quitting so maybe they will see this and come and advise.

I know you say you can't do too much running but how about downloading the couch to 5k app? Over several weeks it builds you up to run 5k - gently, a few of my friends who couldn't run 50yards have used this and are now happily running half marathons?

Good luck to you, I hope to take up so outside activity when the nights are lighter - it's a bit dodgy where I'm living now at a night


Day 108:

Hi Dave,

Plan out your exercise.

Start with a 1 mile run/cycle (Use google maps to find routes near you). Do this for a week.

Then go up to 2 miles and gradually increase distance as time goes by.

Like your quit, your exercise plan should be taken 1 day at a time.

Hope this helps, Good luck and well done on the quit


try swimming , tai chi . walking.

mash x


Awesome Dave, keep at it man. If you are committed to cycling, which is great, a few things might help...

1. Get a bike computer that measures distance and can plug into a computer to track all your stats. I use the Garmin Edge 800. It keeps me motivated as I love seeing how far, how fast, etc. If you can, get a heart rate monitor too.

2. Sign up for a ride in the spring that is for charities. The ride for cancer is a good one. That will give you a target to aspire to.

3. For your bike, if you don't want to ride outside, you can buy a wind trainer that you can attach your bike to and ride inside (stationary). In Canada, where I live, this is a must!

Keep at it dude.


I'm with Teleguy on that. Since I bought a GPS watch, I found my motivation went through the roof. I could never be bothered with running before, but the watch is a great motivator. I have the Garmin 405, and you can use it biking or running. Then upload your exercise later and be blinded by stats over your gradual improvement from couch potato to superstar!


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