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Wish me luck.

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Hi All,

Well, Im about 14 hours complete for day 1 which so far has been up and down, so I supect tomorrow will start to tickle my nerves somewhat.

Im still undecided as to whether to go cold turkey or make use of the nicotine products. At work im geographically close to a pharmacy so if things get bad I can pop over and get some gum or something similar. I dont like the idea of relieving the cravings with the very drug your body is craving but my wife and I would like to start a family this year so its imperative I stop this time around.

Ive smoked for about 16 years (!!!), on about 10 a day and have attempted to stop several times previous, but never managed it. My best effort was 10 months which suggests to me that this hunger for nicotine really is just in the head.

All the best to those in the same boat, keep smiling and remember to look at the bigger picture to remind yourself of why.

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Good luck Brucey .:D

If you can do it cold turkey then that is brilliant..... however , if it is a struggle for you then I would suggest nicotine patches .

They worked very well for me and nicotine patches dont kill people .... its all the crap in a cigarette that does the damage.

Regards and best wishes.:)


Thanks for the response Bladeflyer, I'll bare the patches in mind. In the meantime I'm going to hold off of the products and see hows things progress...

Thanks again.

Hi BruceyB, congratulations on quitting. May I suggest redbull and mini eggs to help relieve any cravings, working for me lol :D

No in all honesty I am using patches, I really do take my hat off to anyone who can go cold turkey that sure takes will power.

Look forward to seeing you in Day 2

Well done on deciding to quit you have the best motivation in the world to keep quit having a family is some would say the best thing to have but you never have any money :eek:

thats for sure even with my grandsons when i gave up i used to spend all the spare cash on them and still treat them mind you they are worth it as they both give me so much joy and happiness

just remember to take each craving as it comes along by keeping mind and hands busy and dont feel like your giving up if you do find you need to use nrt they may contain nicotine but they dont have all the crap a ciggy has in it and you can wean yourself down on the strength your using

onwards and upwards is the way to go


Wow, thanks for the comments Tinkerbell & Carol. Just reading them actually made me feel better. I guess its knowing that there are other people out there.

Just 1 can of red bull would have be bouncing off the walls, which may not be so bad:D but the mini eggs I can not do. Im a coelaic, therefore no wheat or gluten. Its a shame because I love mini eggs :rolleyes: Instead Ive opted for grapes which are probably no less unhealthy than mini eggs but certainly wont taste as nice.

Actually, Ive been saying no to sweets, cakes, doughnuts, biscuits, pastries and anything else that tastes delicious and is made of wheat for years so you'd think I would have the will power of cheetah, but it does'nt feel like that right now!

It is ALL in your head once that nicotine is out of your system.

Try and get some strategies in place for when those thoughts try to trip you up.

Wishing you loads of luck.

Frozen grapes

Hey Brucey,

Try some frozen grapes, they are lush :D. And they give you something to pop in your mouth and suck on, a vitamin C burst, much healthier than fags and you don't gain weight with them either.

Just a thought.


Good luck brucey you can do this. Apart from the grapes (which actually works that's what I munched on ) try glucose tablets like lucazade ones .

A few genius ideas there, so thanks.

Grapes are in the freezer now :)

Good luck mate:)

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