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Wish me luck please!!

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So after smoking 20 + per day for around 17 years, I have given up today! 8am to be precise!!

I did give up for two years when I found out I was pregnant, 2.5 years ago. Stayed away from this nasty smelling stuff for 2 years, then started again 6 months ago......

Usual story..."I'll just have one" under the influence of alcohol....then BANG, within a week, back to 20 + per day.......what an idiot!!

My motivation is that I need to find money so that my son can go to Pre school.................I signed him up yesterday....so NO GOING BACK!

I'm on NRT patches and have a mouth spray that I haven't used yet. Anyone have any success with the mouth spray?

And thank you for letting me join this group/forum...I know I need the support!!

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Good luck


I have't used NRT but I do know that quite a few people on this forum have had a lot of success when they quit using NRT.

One thing in your favour though is that you've done it before so you know what to expect.

Great that you're putting your money to good use and not burning it anymore:)

Thanks peeps! Ive GOT to do it.....feel ok for now...!

In the last 6 months of smoking, I have felt my chest tightening.....I want that to stop!

Watched my mum suffer with emphysema for 15 + years.....she died 18 months ago...attached to her oxygen machine....aged 67.

I cannot let my son witness me like that.x

Good luck Isha, not that you're going to need it!!

You'll have this cracked in no time. You've been there and done it once, you'll do it again.

Welcome to the forum, the more the merrier, that's what I say.

Keep posting and letting us know how you are doing :)

Molly x

Hi Isha,

You don't need luck, you need determination and desire to succeed, and you already have those!

You can, you will, you must do this. One day at a time is all you need to worry about. This forum is a massive support and help, especially at the beginning, so keep reading and posting - there'll always be someone here for you when you're having a weak moment.

Best foot forward into a much better life!


Hi there, good luck with the quitting, Im on the mini lozenges, on day 4 today, yesterday was a bad day, but got through it. Keep focused and stay strong, I too have been having the tight chest, but even though its only day 4 for me, that seems to have reduced quite dramatically. keep it up :)

Well done to all and Munkey69......do the mini lozenges work?

I really fancied one about 5 mins ago......so made scrambled eggs!! I can see this is going to affect my weight!!! eeeek.....already over weight!

Hi they do take away the craving, but do make you feel a little sick when you first put them in your mouth, but so far they are working.

Well done on deciding to quit Isha, you've got fab reasons for doing it and am sure you're going to manage!!

You'll have good days and bad days. but the bad days really do get less and less. I'm using the patches too and they've been great - so has this place, am sure between them thy've stopped me smoking and they will you too :D

Good luck

Gemma :)

oh another thing i found that works is having a glass of ice cold water

ISHA, thanks for posting...and good luck! You seem to have a real determination, here's to success for you.

As an aside when I saw your name in the list view of new posts, I thought 1930 may have been your birth year and thought "wow, quitting at 82, that's a special person". Then I started reading your post and saw you were pregnant recently and thought "crickey, is there anything she can't do?"

Nah, only joking, we quitters are a fun bunch at times, keeps us sane!

HAWKEYE!! lmfao!! Ha ha that did make me laugh!! Can see the headlines...

"82 year old woman gives up nicotine.....just still addicted to sex!"

Actually <<whispers quietly>>, its because when I set up my email address I was 30.....and my fella at the time was 19!! woooo hoooo!!!

37 now, married with child and acting my age!!!

Good for you making the decision to quit ISHA :)

I wish you all the strength in the world for your it.

You've done this before so you got this sorted...you know whats coming...

It'll be easy peazy lemon squeezy! :)

Baby steps, keep reading and posting

Take care


GOOD LUCK take it one day at a time.............you know the score :D:D:D:D

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