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No Smoking Day
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A bit of positivity!

Hi all - not posted on here in what seems like an age (in reality about five weeks). I've been trying to avoid the forum in all honesty as, following the first week, I felt that it actually engendered a feeling of wanting to smoke. I know that for a lot of people, it's a cathartic experience to visit every day. However, I've rationed my visits for times where I need to read a few words of encouragement or to pat myself on the back by reading all the success stories. Today's visit falls into the latter category.

Today marks 44 days since I quit smoking and, apart from two drags of a mate's cig on a heavy night out on day 5, I have not been anywhere near to quitting my quit! As the days go by, I get stronger and more resolute. Even going out on the beer (my Achilles Heel in the past) no longer fills me with dread. Of course I still have the occassional craving, but these are fleeting and treated with humour rather than any serious desire to smoke. Having come so far, I find it laughable that I would give in to a momentary feeling of temptation that would put me back to square one, potentially leave me hundreds of pounds out of pocket and, worst of all, endanger my life in the long run. Instead, I face the prospect of an amazing Christmas with my family, surrounded by the people that I love, with the knowledge that I'm a non-smoker and that my nieces and nephew will no longer have to ask where their uncle is while I nip outside for another lonely cig in the cold...

The point of this post (apart from helping me articulate how proud I am of myself!) is to give anybody who reads it the motivation to keep going as well. Whether you're on day one, month one, or year one, you're on an amazing journey that might feel like self-destruction and depravity at times, but in reality is a journey that will help you in all aspects of your life.

Well done everyone, keep going with your quit, make your families proud, but most of all, make yourself proud!

Have a great Christmas too.

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Brilliant post This is the time.

You've just put into words exactly how I feel...after 51 days smokefree that's how I feel about smoking now. Thanks for the post and I think we deserve a big pat on the back especially for altering our mindset about smoking (which I believe is a big part of being a successful quitter). Have a wonderful xmas with friends and family.

Luv lisa x


Thanks Lisa! You should be really proud of yourself too. I think by the time all the New Year quitters come along, we'll be armed with plenty of good advice to help them make their quit a success too.

It still amazes me how much of an effect the quit has had on my outlook in general. I'm more positive, energetic and - on the whole - happy. Getting rid of the cigs was like getting rid of a weakness. Now I know that if I can quit smoking, I can pretty much do anything (within reason of course). I'm reaping the benefits at work, at home and in my health. Plus I've got a few more quid in my back pocket this Christmas!

Well done on getting this far and looking forward to seeing you in month 3 soon!


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