Roll Call for NAS members


This is the big one, roll call time for all Nov 2010 quitters who will be entering the penthouse this month.....

In the words of Delia Smith "Lets be having you!"

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  • not me yet...but CONGRATS ON YOUR YEAR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

    SO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Waves hand.

    Im here yooooou hoooo Im climbing up the stairs ready to knock on the door on Sunday :D

    Congratulations to all the November quitters.

    1st round on me :D

  • Congrats to all NAS members, inspiring.

    Like Roland Browning from Grange Hill, I'm gonna....Just say no! And hopefully I'll arrive in the penthouse 12 months from now. Congrats everyone.

  • Blimey, doesn't seem to be that many NAS members left....

    Lets hope some more rear thier heads in the next few days:D

  • Next Tuesday

    Hi John

    Good call on the Roll Call!

    I think that there are still a few of the NAS Team left.

    My day is next Tuesday (15 November) - that will be my first smoke free year in 30 years!!!!!!


  • Hi Dom

    Congrats on your 1 year, mine is on the 9th, seems like only yesterday....

    What a great year :D

  • Yep, I'm here. One year today...


  • Congratulations to you all!


  • Congrats

    Save a seat for me - I'll be there in 346 days.


  • Ha ha GTAT I like it.!;)

  • Only 4 of us left eh????

    Wow I thought there was loads more.....maybe it is still early in the month:rolleyes:

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