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Two years today

Yes I'm still here and I'm still a non smoker or at least I believe I am.

For all you guys that may need a little help I smoked for 52 years and I have not got away scott free. I have scaring of the lungs due to smoking also emphysema and have been diagnosed as having COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU I wish I had stopped years ago now.

I would like to say I'm not looking for praise there are many before me that have achieved this milestone. I want to leave this message for all of you that think it's imposible to stop, well here I am proof it can be done.

I joined this forum 3 weeks into my quit and although I was determined to stop smoking the help and support I got here and being able to help others certainly was what got me through.

It's not imposible we brainwash ourselves into thinking it is. But it is difficult, I, and many others know that but if you can have that self belief then maybe, just maybe, you can stop smoking too.

I wish you all a smoke free and healthy life.:)

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Hiya Jack and whether you want it or not...CONGRATULATIONS on your 1 year milestone :D

I too was diagnosed with copd but after only 5 weeks off the cigs my lung volume had increased so Im hoping that may just carry on for a little while longer. People like you are an inspiration to those of us coming behind you. Please stay on the site and give your advice and share your experiences things like that help us newbies.

Lillie xx


Hi Babe, it is so good to see you on here celebrating your 2 years who would believe it, will email you later hope all is goodish, like you I have a few health issues but still love being a non smoker, big hugs from me too you xx


Jack so good to here from you, sorry to hear about the health problems.

You helped me so much at the beginning of my quit, I am so grateful to you, I am now nearly 10 months smoke free.

A Big congratulations to you 2 years is wonderful!

All the very best to you and thank you for all your help.



CONGRATULATIONS Jack and very sorry to hear of your health but as Karri states i would also like to know did this come about after your quit. Keep posting and well done on 2years. :)


Hey Jack,

A huge well done and hug coming your way. Briiliant to hear you are still quit. I am sorry to hear of your health problems. I know with COPD the damage done is halted when we stop. My dad could not stop and unbenown (sp) to us had emphysemia. Told us it was asthma :( You have given yourself the best chance now.

Hugs, Gaynor x


Congrats, Jack! Crazy how time flies! Well done on your 2 years.


I just want to say a quick thanks for now as I'm up to my kneck with some things I'm trying to get done today. I'll come back on tonight and answere some of your questions.

Alex I'll answere your email soon.

Jack :)


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