time to fess up!

My sig is a lie and i have been lying to you all im so sorry, im not however a millionaire lol but i have smoked 5 packets of herbal fags yuk skusting.

didnt want to mention it as its still smoking but have had NO nicotine since week 3 when i dumped patches.

i will be dumping herbal on monday but keeping a few for "right thats it im buying fags" moments lol.

i am still a quitter and my 4 weeks and 5 days still count but only half of them as a non "smoker" if that makes sense. made my dirty smoker 19yr daughter try a herbal today funny as...... she is looking at giving up in the new yr and doesnt smoke anywhere near me so maybe im rubbing off :)

never quit quitting


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  • Hey Jenni no nicotine is no nicotine. I have tried herbal cigs in the past, I'd rather smoke a pair of my 9 year old sons very worn socks:eek:

    I light a woodburning stove most evenings, I have to admit I have found myself lingering over the smoke from it once or twice, I tell myself, there no nicitine;)

    very honest of you to tell us though.


  • thanks gtat i just felt i was cheating you all by not admitting it and realised that without saying it out aloud (or typing) i was just fooling myself and yes my hubby and 2 sons socks put together would be better lol.

    never quit quitting


  • This isn't cheating Jenni - no confessions required as far as I can see. You haven't smoked any nicotine, so what's to confess? Other people have used e-cigs, and I don't really see the difference.

    Whatever it takes to help you quit smoking is ok - it's giving up the tobacco that is the end goal, and you seem to be doing pretty well to me.

    Taste-wise, of course, you must be nuts! I tried them back in the 80's and they were truly disgusting. :(

  • struggling and not sure im gonna make it

    thanks guys they do taste like dried shit or like smoking herbal t'bags but struggling at the moment.

    freaking hate this it sucks cya wont post till im happier

    keep going guys you doing well


  • Hey Jenni

    you hang in there.....it's bloomin hard ain't that an understatement.....I'm having a tough one today (day 13)....and I'm just going minute to minute.....I don't want to think about cigarettes but I can't STOP thinking about them.....

    you CAN do this for sure....we're all here rootin for you...



  • thanks guys they do taste like dried shit or like smoking herbal t'bags but struggling at the moment.

    freaking hate this it sucks cya wont post till im happier

    Haha. Back in my mispent youth I went through a phase of trying to smoke all sorts of things - including tea bags, various herbs, dried banana skins..... Nothing to do with nicotine cravings though.... ;)

    Don't stop posting till you feel happier - it's when you are feeling fed up that you most need the support. That's the way it works here. :)

  • Yep I agree with una-g and Mrs T the time to post is when you are having it tough and also when you are doing OK- its good to talk, for me this forum has been a godsend don't think I could hack it without my forum fix at least once or twice daily.


  • Im back!

    Hey guys thanks for the lovely posts was just having a really rough time so hid under my duvet and wept for 2 days.

    I think i find it more difficult at weekends as not as busy, feel fine now back at work.

    I am off the herbals and still smoke free 5.1 weeks today!

    never quit quitting


  • Jennifluff, I missed this thread completely.

    You little sausage you!!!! When you posted in the October quits room I thought you were doing so well on your quit that you wanted some space from the forum NOT because you were finding it difficult. As loads of people have said, you should post more if you're feeling things are difficult. It really helps...on a few occasions I would've just smoked if I hadn't come on here so big kudos to you for not smoking. I get where you're coming from with the whole weekend thing, I struggle more on the days I don't work as I get bored a lot more and have to motivate myself and look for things to do.

    For me I also think it's about a change of lifestyle (i.e. motivate myself to get off my increasing large bum and do something else instead - I'm sure there's an old T.V. kids program title in there somewhere LOL!). A change of lifestyle is daunting as you've lived a certain way for so long now....but it can be done. Us October quits have got to stick together so post on here, in our room or a PM...as long as we stay quit who cares!!!

    A massive well done on not smoking hun....and remember you helped me when I needed it so if you don't post on here when you find it tough I'll search you out like a seek and destroy missile and kick you up the bum :)

    Lisa x

  • Thanks Lisa, i bought myself lets dance 3 for my wii to help but found myself hooked on it friday and saturday so by saturday evening i was bored with it and ached to much to continue with it lol.

    will try to limit myself next w/e maybe it will help and if nothing else might shift this new pregnant look im sporting thanks to giving up lol.

    I am now back to my positive self although got a hell of a day today, so as you suggested will be post, post, posting later.

    never quit quitting


  • I know what you mean about the spare tyre...mines progressing from a car tyre to a van tyre at the mo...I want to stop it before it reaches ice road trucker proportions. I'm hoping Dance 3 for the Xbox 360 kinect will be in my santa's stocking. They say too much of a good thing is bad for you LOL! I'll bear that in mind if I get it for christmas, I bet your muscles are aching.

    Glad you're feeling more positive today, but yeah when the going gets tough...post. We've never met in here so anything goes...saves our friends, families and work mates being mightily pissed off with us.

    Hope the day isn't too stressful for you.

    Lisa x

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