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Month Three Craving's

Hi ALL sorry for being so "scarce"

Yesterday I said to Gail (My O.H) "I cant understand it, this WHOLE week I have been getting random craves".

Then it HIT me Terrible three's!!

To the people approaching month three, guys be prepared!

Like Franco I thought this site had served it's pupose, I was wrong :(

Quiiting is a process, and it is not a good idea to skip any steps.

Part of my process IS this site, my bad for not comming here for my daily fix.

Guys keep posting ! Keep helping others ! and along the way you will learn alot about yourself as well as others.

Regards Gary

2 months, 6 days, 13 hours, 19 minutes and 34 seconds (67 days).


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Well done for not giving into those cravings though - and as I am approaching the dreaded 3 months, I will mark your words!

And you're so right about this forum though - I count myself very lucky to be giving up in 2011. Imagine trying to give up 20 years ago - no NRT (or in its infancy then I think), no champix, everyone smoking wherever they liked - and NO FORUM. I feel like I've had to smoke for 25 years just to be able to give up (does that make any sense at all? :rolleyes:)

Thanks for your words of encouragment - !




Over 2 months quit is a massive achievement so well done :D

Your in SA:D I have family there.


Hey Gary , I was wondering where you'd gone.

Hang in there, keep posting I'm sure it will help.



It's reassuring to hear that I am not the only one who has the odd craving! I finished the supermarket shop today and I had a weird compulsion to buy a 10-pack on my way out, just to see me through the weekend. Bizarre. :confused:

But on the plus side, I jogged for 8 minutes today without the need for emergency medical care... so all is good! Me, Roger Bannister... we are so alike! ;)



you never know with those cravings. Month 3 was harder for me then month 2, don't ask me why. Maybe its all in my head. But you get through it and you will be rewarded for it :D

Stick around :p


Good to hear that you are hanging on in there, Gary. I think there must be something in this "terrible three's" thing given that so many people seem to hit it. But you need to see those cravings for what they really are - I don't think that the feelings of wanting a smoke at this stage are anything like as intense as the experience that you went through on day three or even week three. For me, it was more of an irritation that I still thought about smoking/not smoking so frequently - I had hoped that by month three, it would no longer be occupying my thoughts on a daily basis.

You can choose to continue to not smoke, even if those thoughts creep up on you more often than you would like. The fact is, you are way stronger than your addiction at this stage - it is more a matter of keeping it all in check, by reminding yourself why this matters.

Onwards and upwards to that Penthouse! :cool:


Thanks for the replies :)

However it just goes to show, when you think you got it licked........

Here I sit and ALL i have thought about the whole weekend is i would KILL for a smoke, granted it last's all of 3 seconds BUT it happens ALL the time.

I am sure those who "know" me will agree I am the positive one, but this has been some of the worst craves since stopping, OBVIOUSLY I will not smoke BUT this whole terrible three's thing is not imaginary ITS REAL!

Any way lets see what the morrow brings :)


Thanks for the warning Garybaker I'm in month 2 at the mo, so thanks for heads up. I agree the terrible 3's are real. Last time I gave up I caved in month 3....not this time tho, failure is not an option!

Forewarned is forearmed...we can do this, bloody little white sticks!

Lisa x


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