Day 2 - Help!!!!

So I have given up smoking for nearly 48 hours and i'm struggling somewhat. Can anyone give me some little tips to help me pull through?

My house mates all smoke and I think thats why I'm finding it hard. I'm drinking lots of water, coffee, and stuffs that will try to make me feel more sprightly. But at the moment I just want to gnaw on someones arm.

Thank you's....

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  • Hiya Roboots

    I also live in a house with someone who smokes, its not easy but in a couple of weeks you will find the smell of smoke really pees you off.

    How are you stopping? With NRT or cold turkey?

    How I coped was with lots of boiled sweets and by telling myself I just wont smoke today.

    Shove something in your mouth lol, anything nice and tasty, you cant smoke if youre eating.

    Lillie xx

  • Treats are a good idea...

    Hi Lillie

    Thanks for replying! It's a good idea that. I will get some polos or something. Drinking is the hard part as I always fancy a Cigarette when I have a glass of wine. I am giving up cold turkey aas it was a very snap decision on Sunday.

    I don't want to be a smoker anymore so fingers and toes crossed. How long have you been a non smoker?



  • Hi Roboots, and well done for getting into Day 2 :D As you are going cold turkey the nicotine will be out of your system within 48-72 hours, so that is why your cravings are stronger now as the withdrawal is peaking. But once the nicotine is out of your body it will get better quite quickly, trust me.

    Meanwhile, go and gnaw on someone's arm.... erm.... no I didn't mean that :p Keep drinking plenty of water, and try some frozen grapes, something nice to put in your mouth.

    All the best,


  • zoe has given good adive there.

    The first days are the most difficult and I promise it will get easier.

    You made a great start and I know you can get through this. Keep posting and reading through the threads , it helped me . :D

  • Best of luck to you.hope you have some smoke free space in your house otherwise your breathing in smoke, i would personally find that to tempting. But yes it does get a lot easier and the damage from smoking just builds up until one day bang you have a smoking related srious illness , well i did anyway, never thoiught i would. been stopped for nearly 6 weeks now and im so glad i have the freedom is awesome.

    mash x

  • Cigarettes are little evil things

    Thanks Guys,

    All you're works of wisdom are really helpful. I'm doing ok today although i am a bit shakey.

    Cravings are quite bad but I have frozen some grapes and they are delicious so thanks zoemac.

    roll on day 3... I'm going to go for a run this afternoon that will stop me thinking about it!!


  • roll on day 3... I'm going to go for a run this afternoon that will stop me thinking about it!!

    Just don't eat too many polo's as they have a laxative effect :eek: (read the label) else you might be going for more than one type of run!!! :D

  • blimey!

    Blimey I don't want that kind of one.

  • polo mints

    after all the good advice you already have had i just thought i would share mine.

    sucking on fishermans friends (like nrt tabs), or other strong cough sweets you can only have a few at a time due to strength so wont give you the runs lol.

    i find its helped also knowing how disgusting it would be to have a ciggie afterwards :)


  • I always have fishermans friends around and it does help me . I hope you feeling better . Try to take breaks and not get too stressed .

    You can get through this :p

  • apples

    I have eaten 6 apples today. I don't like fishermans friends. They hurt my nostrils.

    Anyone else got any good snacks to cure pesky cravings?

  • I loved the Salmiak Pastilles in the first that is not to everyones taste, but really helped me, even more then the fisherman's.....I run out of them and I can't seem to find the ones I got in Germany.

    I might try the Salimiak Diamonds...they look simiar.

  • worthers originals! yum

  • What to eat?

    toast, pate, frozen grapes, toast, yoghurt, fruit, toast, fruit juice, especially tomato juice, toast, ice cream, cheese & biscuits, toast.

    I have also managed to quit, crisps and chocolate!

    Oh - did I mention toast?


  • ....or werthers even.

    Deep breaths helped me somewhat too. In through the nose and out through the mouth xx

  • Toasty

    I think gtat likes toast rather a lot!

  • Too right Roboots :D

    I think gtat likes toast rather a lot!

    Might be best if we don't mention marmite.... shhhh :p


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