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Day 2 help i want a ciggie!!!!!!

I am going through the usual i need a ciggie, just one thats all and i wont ask for another again, no one will no but me lol

feel terrible for feeling like this but i thought i would write down how am feeling otherwise i might act on them!!! All off a sudden i dont feel strong wheres my will power gone.

I am remainding myself of why i have give up but i keep telling myself that its only 1 whats wrong with that. Then reality kicks in EVERYTHING IS WRONG WITH THAT, if its only one then i dont need it in the first place.

Talk about battle of the brain, feeling a little calmer now.

Its bad how 1 little thing can cause us to have so much emotion, HATE IT.

I am now picturing having a smoke and what it would feel like, then i think of how i would feel afterwards,

Hope this craving goes away really soon

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Have some water, go for a walk.


You can do this by the end of tomorrow you will be through the worst.

Your Craving will have peaked and then start subsiding.

Hang in there!!


Hi Annie,

Dont know if this helps but if you imagine when you smoked and wanted a ciggie, you would have one and feel 'satisfied' for how long..... 30 mins / 1hr etc.. then 'need' another....:rolleyes:

If you did slip and ruin your quit, how long do you think the satisfaction would last before you were wanted 'just one more'..... 30 mins / 1 hr... :rolleyes:

Stay strong, resist the urge and your slowly killing your nico-demon let him starve..... :p

Good Luck and don't forget all that horrible nicotine will be out of your body within another 24-36 hours..... providing you STAY STRONG !!


Annie. read MAHs post junkie thinking 15/07/ helps



Thankyou gary and dragon,

I feel alot calmer now to be honest i think i set my own trigger off by having a cuppa coffee.(will not be doing that again) plus the kids have had a nap so it was out of bordem more than anything.

The urge was soooo strong but i have battled through thanks to ur support.

This is 1 off the hardest things i have done in my life but the best things are worth fighting for.

Sense has fianlly kicked in again yeah

Thanks again you 2:D


Thanks Mash will take a look at it now



The important thing is to understand what your body is going through.

Once you have an idea of the road ahead it makes a HUGE differance!

Read as much as you can, speak to "us" it all makes for a good quit!


excellent! for not giving in! you are winning! i think once we start rejecting our own urges it becomes a new habbit, and soon not only will be easier to resist them because they are becoming less intense, but also because you got into the habit of turning the craves around:)

well done, hang in there...


Well done Annie for getting through that massive can be so hard and you did it!

Try and remember that if/when it hits you again.

You CAN do it.

And it DOES get easier. Promise!




Just another 24 hours and you will be over the worst, and like the song says 'What A Difference A Day Makes'!! Soon you will start having good days and it will all seem worthwhile:D

Well done for staying strong and for posting on here first:D



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