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Staple gun

Day 12 and I've probably put on half a stone...bloody hell, how can that happen so quickly? OK I'm not very well and munching on junk, help! I'm gonna have to staple gun my mouth shut. I haven't even got any energy to exercise, it's the pits :(

Because I feel so crap, I wanna start smoking and just try again when I feel better but it may take another 2 years before I decide to quit again. I'm not going to smoke but I really want to. I may use the staple gun to staple myself to the chair as a good un for another month! :eek:

P.S. Sorry for moaning again, but I just feel like another whinge.

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AHH BIG HUGS TO YOU Lisa :( just remember your goals that nasty nicorette demon is getting to you even more because your not very well its a big bully and will try anyway it can to lure you back and your not whinging come on here and vent as much as you want to at least its keeping your hands and mind busy and we all know what your going through

come on deep breath and think im a non smoker and with all the money im saving im going to treat myself without feeling guilty because i deserve it :)

and your doing so well


and dont worry about the weight gain it will settle back hugs xx


Lisa.... you must be having a real day from hell judging by the tone of this post:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Whatever you do..... don't smoke...this will pass...tomorrow WILL be better. After 12 days you have done very well... and you do not want to throw that away and have to start again.

HOWEVER stapling mouth shut is a good idea....BOTH problems solved.... can't eat and can't smoke:D:

You should have told the rest of us about this plan earlier.:)


Oi, you whinging Brummy ;) :p

Hope your above post helped to relieve some of the frustration your rightfully feeling. Early stages of quitting, feeling unwell, eating junk and weight gain ... it's shit and it could drag you down.

Get doing something to bring a smile and some positivity back and then build on that in what ever measure you can :)

Knowing how I can gain over Christmas I pulled out the stops during mid end of November and early December and got down by half a stone. Put it back on over Christmas but it gave me something positive and healthy to focus on.

Don't let the doldrums hold you. Remember, it's your quit, your in control :)

Pol x


Ah Lisa, sorry to hear you're having a bad day. I had a really crap weekend, but feel so much more positive today so be comforted in the thought that it'll pass (not helpful at the moment, I know...but keep focused)

Keep with it my lovely, you are doing so well!



Hey Lisa - I Have put loads on, now eating huge bowl of muesli in morning, takes ages to eat but that's OK ' cos I am saving 'bout 30 mins by not having to smoke 3 or 4 fags!! Muesli fills me up for hours, until early afternoon. Since trying this I have at least stopped gaining weight. Try it, Jordans Truly Fruity .....yum yum

Next tactic is to walk lots, the dog thinks it's a great idea....:D



Sorry guys just feeling a little frustrated. I want to be able to feel the benefits of giving up but I just can't with not being so well. All I can see is that I'm getting fatter, that's all.

I'll try the muesli suggestion thanks GTAT, hopefully it'll keep me feeling fuller for longer.

I'm going back to work wednesday so maybe I'll feel better at getting out of the house. Plus I've got all my xmas shopping to do, so maybe I can forget about it for a bit.



I love your post every sec i get i log on via my fone or computer to see if you have written something and the post i saw today got me thinking. You are the one that keeps me going so i want to try and do the same for you.

I want to tell you that you are doing great and you are a awesome person and i think you are also very strong, that is why i know that the ciggie u crave is just that little B&@#^& trying to make u give in and u and i both will not give into something that makes us feel like crap and smell like Sh*&%#.

So i was thinking seeing that all of us are trying no wait - have stoped smoking and are really now moaning about our weight why dont we try something like posting about what we eat and drink and also what we did today instead of how we craved a monster. ( i dont know does this make sense - it did in my head lol)

Any way just wanted to say that i am here for you and know that you will kick this thing in the ass together we will win and one day we will look at these post and think what the hell was i thinking. Ha ha Here is to us for giving up our bad habits and taking on new healthy ones.


Awww Done that post made me feel so much better. All I think is that lately I'm a whinger most of the time. You're right of course, I shouldn't post on here moaning all the time, but look to the positive and see how we can improve our situtation and not mope and b***ch all day LOL!

That's also not how Allen Carr says we should look at things. We're not denying ourselves anything we're actually gaining a lot, lot more "I'm glad I'm a non-smoker".

Thanks Done...without you realising it you've mentally shook me up, slapped me around a bit and said "now get out of bed and do something constructive today"! LOL.

So yes. Here's to us all kicking a dirty, smelly, life shortening habit and taking on some healthy habits instead. Defo going to exercise more when I feel better.

P.S. I've already eaten a big bowl of cornflakes (haven't managed to get to the shops and buy some museli) and a banana :)

CHeers again everyone for the support

Lisa x


Just a wee note to you. I was saying to you before that i am doing diet and stopping smoking. Well i do the slimming world extra easy diet and you can eat loads of food on it, you dont weigh, measure or anything, you get a massive list of foods you can eat huge quantities of lol. Ive lost 3 stone on it already. Im on day 9 of stopping smoking and i get weighed tomorrow but i know ive lost weight this week! Will post tomorrow to let you know how much! he he:D but it actually helps me stay focused and forget about smoking as im obsessing about food instead but in a healthy way if you get what i mean:) anyway, hopefully you have a good day today hun xxx

PS, reading that back hope im not sounding smug! Just think slimming world is awesome!! ;)



I've just realised that I've eaten breakfast over the last few days. I haven't eaten breakfast for the last 17 years. Normally I'd just have a fag with a coffee/tea and that would be it. It's really strange that I've not noticed that I've started eating brekky. Quite a few times a week I'd skip brekky AND lunch either due to my job but mostly cos I didn't feel hungry as the fags had such an appetite surpressing effect. It's not surprising I'm putting on weight really, but I can address that when I start to feel better. Anyways...I'll just continue to eat and enjoy breakfast especially now I can smell and taste better.

Lisa x


Hi Lisa - I put on 2 stone in 11 weeks (during my last quit) - so although I completely agree that we should congratulate ourselves on what we ARE achieving, rather than fret about those extra (temporary) pounds, I DO understand how it can get you down at times!

I'm also eating breakfast for the first time in years - and can vouch for the muesli thing too .... although I have a huge pile of it on top of fruit and yoghurt as well!! Wish it filled me up till after lunch, I must say ...

Thank God for the frozen grapes! I am becoming the grape queen I fear!




Not everybody's a fan but, if you can stomach it, chop up some celery (you can even fashion them into little cigarette-shaped sticks and store them in boxes of 20 if you like, although this may defeat the object a little... :D).

Chewing it really does help the cravings pass and, something to do with how much effort it takes to digest, I believe it has 'negative' or very few calories.

Ok so if you can't abide the stuff, this is not a very helpful reply but it worked for me!! :)

Good luck. You can do it :cool:


Hi Lisa

Sorry you're not feeling great. Concentrate on getting better and STOP standing on those weighing scales!!! (If that's what you're doing).

In fact, even better chuck' em out. Why do you want to know how much you weigh???

Ok you might have put on a few pounds, but you can/will get rid of it when you've set your mind to it. That's for later

I really like to read your funny and encouraging posts and you're doing SO well with your quit.

Be kinder to yourself!



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