No Smoking Day
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8 weeks on Sunday!

I still can't believe that after 23 years of smoking, I have given up and I am now a non smoker. I am looking for a new flat at the moment and I can honestly say that I am a non smoker now which is great.

My skin looks amazing and radiant and has colour and my hair doesn't feel dry anymore. Those of the things I notice the most. Oh and my breath smells normal all day and I don't feel so conscious about having bad breath by 9 am!

One thing I notice though is I still cough in the mornings. Does anyone else get this? I am wondering if it is my lungs cleaning themselves out still?

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Congrats on the 8 weeks :D

I've heard some coughs can take months to sort themselves out, we're all different.

I didn't have a cough but had a constant feeling a was going to cough for about 3 months :(

....and I totally agree that's it's great NOT to feel self conscious about how you smell. :D


Well done on 8 weeks:D I have just done 5.

I don't cough in the mornings but I have noticed this past week that my chest has been sore and I had a few coughing fits in the night. Think it's just part of the healing process, so don't worry. Just glad I had my flu jab lol:eek:



It's great to know we are healing inside and our systems are cleaning themselves out. The cough doesn't bother me and it's not as bad as what it was when I was a smoker.


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